What is the reality of the Photos and Videos of rotting Nishtar Hospital lying on the roof of  Dead Bodies?

After images photos  Videos of dead bodies on the roof of the well known Nishtar Hospital in Multan. province Of PUNJAB in Pakistan came to light Government Of Punjab preliminary investigation stated that these were bodies of unknown persons, which the local District police used for the educational purposes of medical students. She was handed over to Nishtar Medical University.

Reality Of Videos and Photos Dead Bodies Nishtar Hospital

Multan: It should be noted that such disturbing Photos and Videos came to light on social media last evening in which many dead bodies can-be seen in a bad condition. After these Photos & videos came out questions arose on social media that whose bodies are these & why they are lying helpless?

Debate sparked speculation as well as rumours, after which the Government of PUNJAB announced an inquiry last night & ordered the medical superintendent of Nishtar Hospital Multan to submit an explanation within 3 days.

In a letter written by the Punjab government to the medical superintendent of Nishtar Hospital. it was said that there has-been a wave of concern among the public after reports of rotting bodies on the roof of Nishtar Hospital have come to light & the authorities have taken notice of the matter. The inquiry has&been decided.'

Government OF PUNJAB directed the administrative head of Nishtar Hospital to conduct a detailed inquiry into matter & submit the inquiry report within 3 days.Letter from Government of PUNJAB to Nishtar Hospital.

rotting bodies on the roof of Nishtar Hospital

These bodies were for educational purposes

Before the completion of this inquiry the initial stand given by Nishtar Medical College Multan was presented on social media by the son of Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi & former federal minister Monis Elahi on Friday morning.

According to Mr.Munis Elahi the head of the anatomy department of Nishtar Medical University explained in his reply that these bodies were of unknown persons who were handed over by police to Nishtar Medical University for purpose of conducting an autopsy.

It should be noted that anatomy is subject of knowledge about body parts which is taught to MBBS students during the first 2 years of medical colleges while post mortem is the process of determining the causes of death. Body of the deceased is examined & samples are taken from the body to be tested.

According to this explanation After the police handed over these  Dead bodies, it was said that if required they can be used for the educational purposes of Medical MBBS students.

However in this explanation, the Nishat hospital claimed that 'the bodies were decomposing and smelled so bad that they could not be kept in a freezer & were in such a condition that they should not be considered educational. It was not possible to use it for the purposes either.

According to the Head of Anatomy Department of Nishtar Medical University After  decomposition process of these corpses is completed the bones are separated from their dead bodies, which are used for educational purposes and the corpses are buried. . Therefore there is no case of desecration of dead bodies.

NEWS Agancy contacted Professor Maryam Ashraf Head of Anatomy Department of Nishtar Hospital Medical College & she said that she is going to hold a press conference on this issue in which all the details will be given.

How is the human corpse used for educational purposes?

How is the human corpse used for educational purposes?

However this explanation was called inadequate by many people on social media & questioned that whatever the purpose how can someone body be thrown in this way? & why is there a morgue in hospitals?

To find answers to these questions we spoke to the head of the anatomy department at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yar Khan  tried to find out what is the procedure for using cadavers for educational purposes & whether there are any legal issues involved. Also take care?

Mr.Prof. Dr. Owais Hameed is the Head of Anatomy Department of Sheikh Zayed Medical College Rahim Yar Khan.

Speaking to News Agancy he said that in a teaching hospital where medical education is also provided there are usually 2 types of mortuary 1 for the anatomy department and 1 for the forensic department. where an autopsy is performed.

It usually happens that when the Punjab police bring bodies for post mortem which cannot be identified after the post mortem these bodies are safely kept in these morgues.

If the police are able to locate the family members of the deceased body is handed over to them. But such bodies whose identity is not found and the relatives are not found are still present in the mortuary.

In response to a question He also said Legally 2 weeks are required for the identification of such bodies during which the police are obliged to try to reach the relatives through various means.

After this period these bodies can be used for educational purposes. However generally such unidentifiable bodies are kept for four weeks, during which the body is chemically preserved and placed in storage to prevent decomposition.

He also  says that whole process of handing over such dead bodies takes place in which it is written who handed over the dead body to us and other known information of the deceased etc.

We keep the body in safe condition for at least 3 to four months so that if any 1 is identified during this period it can be returned to the family with the help of the police.

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According to Dr. Owais Islamophobia the body cannot be identified even during this period then it is used by the anatomy department for educational purposes in which it is dissected & students learn about different parts of the body. is taught.

After this process is completed we have a system under which the dead body is cremated properly. After some period body is removed & its bones are also used for educational purposes which are preserved in the anatomy bank.