Swat school van attack: It was unbearable to see my son blood soaked uniform.

Swat: Dharna with body of driver killed in school van attack demands conclusive action

Participants are protesting with dead body of the driver against the attack on school bus by the militants

Protests continue for 3rd day against the alleged attack by militants on a school van in Char Bagh area of ​​Swat Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In this shooting incident driver was killed and two students were injured. Both injured students are minors who are still undergoing treatment at the main hospital in Saidu Sharif where their condition is said to be out of danger.

All private educational institutions remained closed in Swat on Tuesday as a protest against the incident of firing at a school van while students of Matta Degree College also came out on streets and protested against incident.

Political and religious parties are jointly protesting against the attack on the school van. Nationalist political parties Awami National Party ANP & Pashtunkha Milli Awami Party PKMAP as well as Jamaat-e-Islami jointly held a protest rally at Nishat Chowk in Mingora.

Meanwhile the relatives of the driver of the slain school van are holding a sit in dharna on Madin & Kalam roads in which students & people associated with various political parties social associations and business organizations from across Swat are participating.

A demand for productive action

Isa Khan Khel a senior journalist based in Swat told  News Agancy that protesters are demanding the arrest of the killers & conclusive action against armed masked militants in the area.

Swat Police has registered a case against unknown persons in this incident & started investigation.

According to the police driver of the vehicle carrying the children to school was targeted and killed in this incident on the basis of which they are describing the incident as an indication of personal enmity.

Local journalist Isa Khan Khel says that the deceased driver loved ones & local people have rejected this position of police.

Malakand Division Deputy Inspector General DIG Police Zeeshan Asghar told Voice of America a day ago that after the investigation something can be said about the real motives behind the incident.

Mr Safiullah  father of the student who was injured in the school van attack said that his son had been prepared & sent in van in the morning & shots were fired from driver window on front seat of vehicle in a street some distance from school.

A school van in Swat KPK that was attacked on 10 October 2022. Authorities are conducting a cordon & investigation around this van.

Parents of the children injured in the school van attack in Gali Bagh area of ​​Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK province are busy treating their children under the influence of terror & grief.

Protests school van attack in Gali Bagh area of ​​Swat

Safiullah  father of 1 of the injured children who was taking his child home after being discharged from the hospital told Independent Urdu: The son blood was boiling out of the wound due to the bullets. He was put on the x-ray machine but I was thinking that if there is so much blood the condition will-be critical but later the doctors promised a successful surgery.

Mr Safiullah said that his son is a second grade student while he is serving as a teacher in a government college in Swat.

Mr Safiullah hails from Chital district but resides in Swat for work.

He also  said that he had prepared his son in the morning & sent him in van and in a street some distance from school shots were fired from the driver window on the front seat of the vehicle.

According to Safiullah: The firing was on the driver but maybe the bullet came out of his body &  hit my son.2 bullets were embedded in the son body one in shoulder and the other in the neck near chest but thank God that the bullet didn't damage the bone or any sensitive organ.

Mr Safiullah said that at the place where the van was attacked a shopkeeper had the number of a school teacher & the shopkeeper contacted the teacher & told him about the incident.

He  also said: The teacher told me and I rushed to Khawaja Khila Hospital where the X-ray of child was in progress. I could see that blood was boiling from my son wound. That moment was unbearable I felt that he was seriously injured.

He said: I could see that the son trouser was completely covered in blood on which I became more worried that the bullet may have hit the lower part of the body but I was told by other colleagues that child died after being shot. had fallen on driver lap due to which the blood from the driver body was on his trousers & all over his body.

Protests school van attack in Gali Bagh area of ​​Swat

It was a painful situation. The son was seen covered in blood which is no less than a big shock for a father.

Mr Safiullah son was referred to Saidu Sharif Hospital where doctors performed 2 surgeries which were successful & finally his son was discharged from the hospital today.

He also said that the condition of the child mother was completely different. They were later told by locals that Yet van had been attacked & that he was injured. He did not sit down from China until he saw his son with his own eyes.

Regarding the attack on the school van Swat Police issued a statement after the incident saying that the target of  attacker was not the school children but  driver.

According to the police there were 11 to 12 children in the van which was taking the children to school & on the way an unknown motorcyclist opened fire on the driver, killing the driver while 1 of the two children sitting on front seat was seriously injured. The other was slightly injured.

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Family & local residents of the driver Hussain Ahmed who was killed in the attack on the school van in Swat staged a dharna in his native area which has now been called off while the dead body has also been announced to be buried. .

Sit-in was organized by Olsi Paswan a non-governmental organization in Swat & the driver family members also participated in the sit-in.