Peshawar: Controversy  Dance over the singer. dress during a music show in an educational institution. the university administration apologized.

Several videos of a music program in an educational institution in Peshawar are circulating on social media in Pakistan. While students can be seen enjoying the singer performance in these videos the situation is completely different on the internet.

PESHAWAR: Several users are seen complaining that the singer outfit is not appropriate & that a foreign singer should not have been allowed to perform at the University of Peshawar.

However there are some users who are of the opinion that the arrival of a foreign female singer in Peshawar is better than the arrival of the Taliban.

On the other hand realizing the immense criticism on social media the university administration has apologized for holding this program & said that the management of the private company that was given the contract for this work had kept them ignorant.

What is the event?

An event named Art Mela was held at NCS University System affiliated to Khyber Medical University KMU in Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in which a foreign singer performed in music program.

It was a fun activity for the students where artists were presenting their craft &  various food stalls were set up.

The event was being advertised a few weeks in advance & the ticket sales posts mentioned that 2 international artistes Caesar & Marz were coming to the talent fair for a music show.

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As is usually the case with music concerts singer Marz performance at the event was recorded by students & shared on their social media platforms by making videos.

After that some circles expressed outrage over this performance on social media.

University administration recorded protest over singer dress

The registrar of KPK  Khyber Medical University in Peshawar Dr. Muhammad Salim Gandapur has issued a notice to the director NCS University System and sought an explanation within 3  days. In this letter, it is written that in case of non explanation, disciplinary action will be taken and the affiliation of the institution may also be terminated as a result.

Letter said that indecent videos of a dancing girl are circulating on social media. The authorities of Khyber Medical University say that they have taken strict notice of these activities in the educational institution.

The music part & the woman's singing

Using the name and logo of KMU to carry out such activities is objectionable. Educational institutions are required to maintain moral values ​​& sanctity in curricular and extracurricular activities.

An official of the university administration on the condition of anonymity, told the British news that after the incident, the educational institution is facing a lot of criticism and trolling on social media. People who do not know are also blaming us. We feel that this is a deliberate conspiracy against us.

They are claim that the university is taking responsibility for the part of the skill fair which had their permission & includes 36 cultural stalls etc. We were told that the skill was sloppy but in the end the music was programmed.

The music part & the woman' singing on the stage was not taken from us. When the matter went viral we recorded the message of our director.

Director NCS University System has released a video message apologizing for the incident.

In this he says that an event was held at NCS last day in the name of talent fair which was organized by a private event company.

He said that the foreign singer was wearing a dress against our values. It was a surprise for us to have a foreign female singer be a part of our program about which the organizers had not shared anything with the institution.