Peshawar NA-31: Can Imran Khan win from Ghulam Ahmad Bilor?

 Peshawar NA 31: How Can Imran Khan win from Ghulam Ahmad Bilor candidate ANP?

Peshawar: Politically NA-31 is considered an important constituency as the  Candidate players contesting from this constituency are considered very powerful.

In NA-31 National Assembly Peshawar PDM consensus candidate Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilor vs. Imran Khan .

Peshawar NA 31: Can Imran Khan win from Ghulam Ahmad Bilor?

By-elections to 03 seats of the Khyber KPK Pakhtunkhwa National Assembly will be held on 16 October .

These elections will be held on NA-22 of Mardan NA-24 of Charsadda along with NA-31 of Peshawar.

Like the other 3 constituencies in NA-31 too Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf PTI Chairman Imran Khan is the candidate of the party while  ANP Ghulam Ahmed Bilor consensus candidate of Pakistan Democratic Tehreek PDM will contest against him.

This constituency is 1 of the 5 National Assembly constituencies of Peshawar which includes most of the old historic city of Peshawar NA-31.

constituency also includes the famous areas of Qisa Khawani Bazaar Gur Guthri Tehsil Chowk Yadgar Ram Das Karimpura & Ghanta Ghar.

The total population of this constituency is around 870 thousand In Peshawar NA-31.

Peshawar-NA-3 Imran Khan vs Ghulam Ahmed Bilor

NA-31 PESHAWAR: Who won & who lost in the past?

In the past it was called the 1st National Assembly Constituency i.e. NA-01 which was renamed as NA-27 Peshawar 1 in 2018 & now it has-been renamed as NA-31 in the new delimitations. In the 2018 delimitations most of the erstwhile NA-01 areas have now been included in this constituency.

Until 2002 there were 03 National Assembly constituencies in Peshawar which were later divided into 5 constituencies.

These October 2022 by-elections will+be held according to the 2018 delimitations while the 2023 general elections will-be held according to the new delimitations.

Politically NA-31 is considered an important constituency as  Candidate players contesting from this constituency are considered very powerful.

In the past ANP Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Haji Ghulam Ali Pakistan People Party Arbab Zahir Shah PPP Pakistan Muslim League-N PML-N leader & former governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Iqbal Zafar Jhagra & former leader of Pakistan People Party Benazir Bhutto has also participated in the elections from this constituency.

In the 1988 general elections then leader of the Pakistan People Party PPP Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao won &  defeated Ghulam Ahmad Bilor of the ANP.

In the same constituency in 1990 general elections ANP Ghulam Ahmad Bilor defeated the consensus candidate of Pakistan Democratic Alliance PDA Benazir Bhutto by more than 12000 votes, while in the same constituency in 1993 elections PP won. PK Syed Zafar Ali Shah won this seat by defeating Ghulam Ahmed Bilor.

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Ghulam Ahmad Bilor won the same seat in the elections of 2002 Peshawar Na-01 while in 2002 the candidate of Muttahida Majlis Aam Shabir Ahmed won this seat and defeated ANP Usman Bashir Bilor.

Later Ghulam Bilor regained this seat & in 2008 defeated PPP Ayub Shah by nearly 5 thousand votes.

The seat was in the news again in 2013 when PTI chief Imran Khan announced to contest the elections from this constituency & defeated Ghulam Ahmad Bilor by more than 80 thousand votes.

However later Imran Khan vacated the seat and in the by-election Ghulam Bilor was successful who had defeated PTI Gul Badshah by around 60 thousand votes.

In the 2018 general elections PTI candidate Shaukat Ali won this seat by defeating ANP Haji Ghulam Bilor by about 50 thousand votes.

Peshawar NA-31: Can Imran Khan win from Ghulam Ahmad Bilor?

Can Imran Khan be defeated?

According to observers this constituency is the most important constituency of Peshawar from where major political leaders of the country &  province have contested elections in the past.

MR.Mehmood Jan is a journalist from Peshawar & also a resident of this constituency. Talking to NEWS Agancy

 he said that ANP & Pakistan Peoples Party have won elections mostly from this constituency.

He Also said that Imran Khan entered the politics of this city & showed a new hope to the people that the province affected by terrorism will get development & bring change in the lives of the people so the 1st response is also from Peshawar. was given.'

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