Sea Food : Octopus started selling in Karachi Marcket how does it taste Octopus is followed by fish prawns and lobster

Octopus started selling in Karachi After fish prawns and lobsters

After fish prawns &  lobsters Sea Food octopuses have also started to be sold in Karachi City 

Sea food Report: By the way there are strange and strange ideas around Global world about every creature found in the sea but the most negative things are spread about octopus.

On the 1 hand people shudder with fear just thinking about octopus on the other hand there is no shortage of people who eat octopus with great passion & taste.

Global experts say that around 03 a half million tons of octopuses are hunted around the world Global every year.

Octopus sales have-also started in Karachi for the enthusiasts.

Chef  Mr Bilal Naz who cooks octopus at a restaurant in the posh area of ​​Karachi  city says that octopus also has many organs like other animals which after being removed it is made like a barbeque.

Octopus started selling Price in Karachi After fish prawns lobsters

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People who eat it say that the taste of octopus is not bad it is similar to chicken & fish meat.