Mere Humnasheen Khajista : Tried to learn Pashto accent from driver and chai wale

 Mere Humnasheen Tried to learn Pashto accent from driver & chai wale Pathan to play the role of Khajista in Drama Mere Humnasheen.

Drama serial Mere Humnasheen aired on private TV channel Jio is undoubtedly 1 of those few dramas which will remain in memory of the audience for a long time Mere Humnasheen. The reason is different heart touching story of this Mere Humnasheen drama & excellent acting of all the actors.

Story of Mere Humnasheen revolves around Khajista a girl from a conservative and traditional family from hilly regions of Pakistan who is obsessed with becoming a doctor.

Mere Humnasheen Khajista : Tried to learn Pashto accent from driver and chai wale

She loses her mother due to kidney failure in her childhood & by becoming a doctor she wants to provide the best medical & public health facilities to the people of her area. Actress Haba Bukhari has played the main role of Drama Mere Humnasheen.

Khajista: A Dream Role in Mere Humnasheen

In an interview with British news Haba Bukhari said that she did not have high expectations from the drama serial Mere Humnasheen.

I thought this is the role I want to play. Ratings will-come or not I do not  know how people will react but I know I want to do it. This is a role that I don't want to lose.

When offers came to me I would see how any of them could be different. We have same plays, same scripts same characters audience also watches likes, ratings. There are very few things that you say involve a risk that I would want to take. He was kind to me.

He further  Also said that when I didn't come to the field I told my father to do only one thing that I felt I had done very well and after that I will not work. So Abu  Also said that till today I have not heard any actor that I have done my dream role. When you get 1 you want more.

Heroes are not heroines Drama Mere Humnasheen

Interesting script of Mere Humnasheen along with the efforts of  actors to play their roles in the regional dialect made it different &  unique from other dramas.

It was a very pleasant change for TV viewers. Haba says that she tried to learn their Pashto accent from the driver & the tea vendor Pathan.

As we went to Pathan Bhai place to drink tea I asked my driver brother I have ordered two teas & I want some sweet tell me how to say it. He showed me the lyrics so I started practicing it.

Before the production of Drama Mere Humnasheen the play when it was discussed that the regional accent should not be used Haba said that he objected to it saying I said I have practiced. How will I forget & even if I forget what will-be the difference between this & the other characters ? Then Khajista will be like any other normal girl character.

Talking about  difficulties of characterization in Mere Humnasheen he referred to debate in the industry that heroine characters are not there. It becomes a difficult thing when you make them characters.

At 1st I was working alone. All the scenes of the university were being shot. Those who said that now look now his tone & manner of speaking are fine then they were shot 1st. And when I went back to the set in Swat everyone said you are speaking so well that now we have to speak too.

In the drama you are well educated & speaking in regional dialect now we must also speak because we are ignorant. I said that I have done my part you should do your part.

Mere Humnasheen Khajista

Mere Humnasheen Khajista Drama Serial

Food photos flood awards shows & social media

Talking about the time spent in Madin area of ​​Swat & the stories of the time spent during the shooting of  Mere Hamnishin Haba became overwhelmed. It should be noted that during the recent floods there has;been a lot of destruction in various areas of Swat including Madin.

Recently there was a lot of criticism for Ham TV cancellation of the award ceremony in Canada after the flood damage in Pakistan. People were divided on the issue. Our management announced that a portion of the proceeds from an award ceremony will be donated to flood victims.

Actress Haba Bukhari refrained from commenting on the issue & said I was nominated but I did not go. In fact I have a lot of photos & videos of Australia right now & people are asking to post them but I do not think they should post them right now.

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She said that she tries not to post pictures of food and drink.

If someone does not even have Rokhi Roti to eat, they will naturally say something when they see your breakfast. I feel like we don't have food here but everyone has phones. They must see.

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