In Indonesia 129 people were killed in a stampede during a football match

 According to the British news Agancy  155 people were killed & around 150 were injured due to riots & stampedes in  stadium during a football match in Indonesia.

Indonesian authorities say that during the match in Kanjuruhan Stadium football stadium after the protesters attacked  field Indonesia police started shelling tear gas then there was a stampede in the stadium. Meanwhile 155 people have-been confirmed dead during the riots.

According to NEWS Agancy incident took place at Kanjuruhan Stadium in the eastern city of Malang. At that time match between Arima FC & Persiba Surabaya was going on in the stadium &  Persiba team was winning the match 2-3 meanwhile the supporters of the opposing club could not bear the defeat & ran out on the field of the ground.

According to media reports Indonesia police fired tear gas to control the situation which led to stampede and suffocation of many people.

Photos Images show people who appear to have lost consciousness Indonesia security chief Mahmoud MD. said the stadium was overcrowded.

He said that 42,000 tickets were issued for a Kanjuruhan stadium which had a seating capacity of only 38000 people. The Indonesian government has apologized for the incident &  promised an investigation.

On the other hand Football Association of Indonesia has suspended football matches across the country for 1 week.  association has also banned Arima FC from hosting home games for the rest of the season.

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In its statement association said it would send an investigation team to Maling. Chairman of PSSI says that we regret & apologize to the affected families & all parties involved in this incident.

155 people died inside the football stadium Kanjuruhan while the rest died in  hospital Mr Afanta said.

It should be noted that the world football association FIFA Football prohibits use of tear gas during matches.

Chief security minister of the Indonesia said that the number of fans in the stadium was also high.

2 teams have a long history of conflict & supporters of  Persibaya Surabaya team were banned from buying tickets ahead of the match due to fears of riots.

Several videos of the incident have-been shared on social media in which people can be seen lying dead on the ground.

Indonesia football association PSSI issued a statement late Saturday night expressing its sadness over the incident & saying a team had-been formed to investigate the entire matter.

Association said the incident has tarnished face of football in Indonesia.

According to the statement: PSSI regrets what Arima supporters did at the stadium. We apologize to the families of the deceased & those affected by this incident. PSSI has immediately constituted a team to investigate this.

Football League has postponed the remaining matches for a week in view of the riot like situation while Arima FC has reportedly been banned for the season.

Indonesia president has said that this should be the last football related tragedy in the country. He has ordered the suspension of all Liga 1 matches in the country until an investigation is completed.

This is not 1st incident of stampede at the stadium. Earlier in 1964, 320 people were killed & more than 1,000 injured in a stampede during an Olympic qualifier match between Peru & Argentina at the Lima Stadium in Latin America.

In 1985, 39 people were killed and 600 injured at  Hazel Stadium in Brussels Belgium when a wall collapsed during the European Cup final match between Liverpool & Juventus.

A similar incident has also happened in the United Kingdom where 97 Liverpool fans were killed in semi-final of the FA Cup.