Kamran Tesori appointed New Sindh Governor Profile Details

 Kamran Tesori appointed Sindh Governor

President Pakistan Arif Alvi approved the appointment of Muhammad Kamran Khan Tesori as New Governor of Sindh.

Kamran Tesori has been appointed as the new Governor of Sindh.

Kamran Tesori appointed New Sindh Governor

President Dr. Arif Alvi approved the appointment of Muhammad Kamran Khan Tesori as the Governor of Sindh.

Muhammad Kamran Tesori return MQM Muttahida Qomi Movement erupts again in Pakistan

Disgruntled MQM leader Kamran Tesori announcement of not contesting elections

The President of Pakistan gave this approval under Article 101 I of the Constitution.

It should be remembered that the post of Governor of Sindh was vacant after resignation of PTI  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Ismail and Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani was performing the duties of Acting Governor of Sindh.

Approval of the appointment of Kamran Tesori as the new Governor of Sindh

ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi approved the appointment of Kamran Tesori as the new Governor of Sindh.

President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has approved the appointment of Kamran Tesori as the Governor of Sindh under Article 101 One of the Constitution.

It should be noted that the post of Governor Sindh was vacant after the resignation of Imran Ismail.

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It should be noted that political leader Kamran Tesori who joined MQM Pakistan from Muslim League Functional, had announced his rejoining in September last month.

How did Kamran Tesori get here?

Kamran Tesori and his family are known as a big business family of Karachi. He is the owner of a large gold business called 'Tessori Gold' and his business has spread to Pakistan, Middle East countries and Europe.

Forty-eight-year-old Kamran Tesuri has also been the chairman of 'All Pakistan Gem Merchant Association' while his father Akhtar Khan Tesuri is the founder of the association.

Kamran Tesori also ran an exchange company for some time. However, later he became fully involved in the Tesori Gold business and gradually his interest in politics also increased. He was first seen with Chief Minister Sindh Arbab Ghulam Rahim during the reign of former military president Pervez Musharraf, with whom he had such a close relationship that some ministers also first contacted Kamran Tesori to contact the Chief Minister. Had to do.

After that, Kamran Tesuri joined the Muslim League Functional, after which he was under the supervision of the provincial government of the People's Party, cases were also instituted against him under the charges of land grabbing in Badin and Thatta, police encounter in Karachi and other charges. gone.

Kamran Tesori MQM Faction Links Is The Old United Coming Back?

Later Kamran Tesori political journey started with MQM Muttahida Qaumi Movement & from beginning 3 were differences & resentments. In  general elections of the year 2018 Kamran Tesori first decided to contest elections as an independent due to dissatisfaction with party but then he withdrew from the elections.now he will-be sworn in as the governor of the country second largest province by population on Monday.

Many analysts & journalists seem to be expressing surprise at appointment of Kamran Tesori as governor. Senior journalist &  analyst Mr Mazhar Abbas says that Kamran Tesori reputation has-been controversial & his appointment clearly shows that Pakistan influence of unknown calls & callers in politics is still there as before & it will-be strongly reiterated that political engineering is still practiced in Pakistan today.

Speaking to Media Mazhar Abbas claimed that the decision to withdraw Kamran Tesori to coordination committee was also made on unknown calls  & when the members of the coordination committee of MQM raised questions Kamran Tesori was made the governor. done According to him such decisions will cause more controversy and damage to politics.

According to Journalist Mazhar Abbas the decisions taken on the unknown phone calls could harm politics of Muttahida Qaumi Movement & this decision has-been taken at a time when local elections in Karachi are near & party is already in a very weak position.

Profile Details Kamran Tesori

Kamran Tesori is 1 of  richest personalities of Karachi who came to MQM Muttahida Qomi Movement through  Functional League & got overshadowed as soon as he arrived.

Birth modification 

Born on 5 May 1974 in Karachi Pakistan

Family reformation Kamran Tesori

Tesori family is from the Indian state of Jaipur where Ismail Khan was famous as a goldsmith. At time of partition of India Ismail Khan came to Karachi with his son Akhtar Khan & started working in gold as well as diamond jewelery here. His sons are taking over the business their business empire spans several countries &  several Tesori brands are in the market Kamran Tesori younger brothers Imran Khan Tesori and Irfan Khan Tesori trade in diamonds while Kamran Tesori His favorite hobby is politics.

MQM Amendment

Elected Member of Sindh Assembly in 2013 he joined MQM for 1st  time after leaving Pakistan Muslim League functional in 2017. He was 1 of the close associates of then MQM chief Dr. Farooq Sattar and it is said that Kamran Tesuri was the cause of the rift between Dr. Farooq Sattar & other party leaders. The distance between the party leaders had increased so much that in 2018 MQM Pakistan terminated the party membership of both Kamran Tesori & Dr. Farooq Sattar. In 2018 Kamran Tesori also contested the Senate election on the party ticket but he failed to win the seat. However in September 2022 MQM Pakistan re inducted him into party after negotiations.

Governor Sindh

President Dr. Arif Alvi approved appointment of Muhammad Kamran Khan Tesori as the Governor of Sindh on 9 October 2022.

President gave this approval under Article 101, I of the Constitution Of Pakistan.

The post of Governor of Sindh was vacant after the resignation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Ismail & Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani was performing the duties of Acting Governor of Sindh.

Analysts say that Kamran Tesori has spent less time in MQM in his short political journey & during this time he has become a major cause of differences among the leadership. However despite being the cause of differences it is not difficult to gauge his strength from his trip to governorship nomination from same party.

Journalist Muhammad Imran Ahmed says that after almost 6 years Muttahida Qaumi Movement has once again got governorship of the province but party chief Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui & key leader Aamir Khan seem to be completely silent and indifferent while others of  party have so far Level leaders have congratulated Kamran Tesori.

On the appointment of Kamran Tesori the spokesman of MQM Pakistan has said in a statement that if there was no progress on the 5 names sent to the federation earlier 2 more names were sent including former member of  National Assembly Abdul Waseem & Kamran Tesori. The names were included.

Earlier 1 of the names sent by MQM in the 1st phase was that of former deputy nazma and former senator Nasreen Jalil. However the President approved  name of Kamran Tesori among names sent in second phase.

Former Deputy Convener of MQM Dr. Farooq Sattar congratulated Kamran Tesori on his appointment as Governor & expressed his best wishes.

Former Nazim Karachi & Pak Sarzameen Party chief Mustafa Kamal who was a part of MQM in the past also congratulated Kamran Tesori.

Analyst Mazhar Abbas raised the question that the person who has been questioned about the position in the coordination committee of party how can the same person be nominated as the governor on behalf of the same party?

According to him I feel that MQM has not decided to make Kamran Tesori the governor but still MQM has to accept this decision. It is just like Dr. Farogh during Imran Khan regime. Naseem was the Federal Minister of Law but the Muttahida Qaumi Movement did not recognize him as its minister.

Mazhar Abbas further said that it is possible that Kamran Tesori has-been brought to try to unite various factions of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement once again  bring them on a single platform but for this those behind the scenes  which is making Kamran Tesori the governor & the personal influence of Kamran Tesori himself is not significant on any faction except the MQM under Dr. Farooq Sattar. Therefore this decision is strange for the MQM itself.

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