Jeans Fabric: The world Very famous And unique Fabric created by accident in a failed experiment

From Arminia to Zimbabwe, from Natherland in the north to Chile in the south. Jeans cloth are seen everywhere in the world. Although jeans are banned in some counties.

According to the world Denim Project, which has examined the history & economic impact of jeans. on any given day of the year. the majority of the Global population wears denim or Jeans.

Jeans Fabric World famous unique fabric created by accident
Jeans Fabric World famous unique fabric created by accident

Where & when did Fabric jeans come into existence?

Historians are still debating this question. but the majority opinion is that jeans were 1st made in European Country France.

And it was an accidental Create because the weavers in Nimes French were busy trying to do something else other. They were trying to create a substitute for a Fabric of cotton called jean fustian. which was made in ancient Genoa.

He was failed in this attempt but he realized that he had invented a unique type of Fabric during this failed attempt.

Making Process

During the process of making this cotton cloth. the weavers used an ancient dye that gave it a unique blue color cloth. on one side . but the other side of the fabric remained white.

This fabric was called serge de nimes. which later in the 17th century gave rise to the English word 'denim.

It should be noted that a cloth similar to Jeans existed earlier in the world, especially in India. But the Denim. we know in the world today are the result of a meeting between a Country German and a Latvian.

Mr. Jacob Joffes and Mr. Loeb Strauss came to United State of America in the 19th century. as did many others, where they changed their names.

Jeans Fabric World famous

Jacob Joffes 

Jacob Joffes became Davis & Strauss changed his name to Levi Strauss.

In 1870 Davis, a tailor by trade was commissioned to create a strong & durable type of trousers.

They figured that if they could use a small patch in the stitching of the pants and Shirt. it could increase its durability. His guess proved correct.

The fame of these pants, Shirts spread like wildfire & soon Mr. Jacob found many customers who wanted to make exactly the same pants.

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Role in Denim France

Demand grew so much that Jacob contacted Levi Strauss, a Cloth supplier in San Francisco, who wasted no time in inviting Jacob to his city, where the 2 worked together to create the Global First regular denim.

Initially they introduced jeans in 2 deffernt colours. 1 brown & 1 blue. However, brown denim were not in high jeans.

Historian of Jeans Mr. Lynn Downey wrote in A Short History of Denim that . this was probably because blue jeans (Denim) wearers noticed that each time the pants. were washed they became more comfortable.

Jeans Fabric World famous urdu read
Jeans Fabric World famous urdu read 

However it can't be explained why Jeans used the same colors as the Namuz weavers.

The 1st Jeans was dyed with a dye from a plant called indigo fira. However unlike other dyes that are absorbed into the cloth at high temperatures. this dye remained confined to the outer parts of the yarns.

When a jeans is washed, particles of this dye or color wash out along with the threads. but it is such a strong fabric that it does not matter if a few particles wash out.

On the contrary it gets-better because the more you wash it. the softer it gets. & for workers. a Cloth that was comfortable but not delicate became very important.

The very characteristic of this cloth, that it adapts itself to every1 body and becomes a second skin of the body in a way, made it popular all over the world Global.

A Cloth that gets better with age was probably a great invention.