Gilgit Baltistan Protests : Women Sports Gala shifted to Meena Bazar after protest

After this wave of protests Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Khalid Khurshid announced that instead of a sports gala a women bazaar would be held in which no men would participate.

Gilgit Baltistan: Women Sports Gala shifted to Meena Bazar after protest

WebDesk: After the announcement of sports gala for women in Gilgit Baltistan people including religious & political parties in area have taken to the streets to protest after which the administration changed it to Meena Bazar.

After this wave of protests Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Khalid Khurshid announced that instead of a sports gala a women's bazaar would be held in which no men would participate. He also said that due to the name of sports in this event a negative impression was created in the minds of people whereas sports will have a very less role in it & more attention was paid to the training of girls from different areas of Gilgit Baltistan. will go

According to him: Current Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan Mushy idling Wani while assuming his responsibilities has paid  most attention to the field of education & in the field of education women education has been his special priority. 

In the same way he organized a career festival for the first time in the history of Gilgit Baltistan in which the famous intellectuals & educational experts of the country were invited to Gilgit Baltistan & held special sessions for students.

According to the Chief Minister: He thought of organizing a women sports gala for the 1st time in the history of Gilgit Baltistan & started working on it.

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Since then a series of protests began which spread throughout Gilgit Baltistan.

There is no dearth of talent among the women of Gilgit Baltistan & they have made their mark at the domestic & foreign levels. The biggest example of this is Anita Karim who has won many titles at international level in the field of boxing.

Also Protests :

Religious parties protested strongly against the women sports gala that started on October five in Gilgit a famous tourist destination of the country.

Religious parties demanded higher authorities to cancel the women sports gala dozens of citizens were also shouting slogans during the protest demonstration.

According to reports, Maulana Jalal Abid has condemned the current women sports gala at Lalak Jan Stadium in Gilgit. He allegedly said that this place is the Eid place of Muslims.

Although men are not allowed to participate in this event. All participants & organizers are women & they all wear appropriate sports attire that is ethically correct. opposition is still criticizing the event calling it promoting obscenity.

Pakistan female cricketer Diana Baig criticized Maulana Jalal Abid for opposing the women sports competition at the Lalak Jan Stadium in Gilgit.

Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly member Sanam Frayad has also strongly criticized the Women Sport Gala 2022. The female MLA has threatened to raise her voice in the Assembly against the Women Sports Gala 2022 if it is not stopped immediately.

Despite all this Gilgit Baltistan Assembly Parliamentary Secretary Dilshad Banu supported the event & said The daughters of Gilgit Baltistan are incredibly talented & they have represented at many national & international forums & we are proud of them. Raised.

Criticizing the event Gilgit Baltistan Chief Advisor Shamsul-Haq Lone said that I will try my best to cancel the Women Sports Gala. It is unIslamic.

Dozens of people staged a protest outside the Lalak Jan Stadium in Gilgit on Tuesday calling for a ban on the women festival calling it against regional culture.

The matter did not end here apart from religious parties businessmen in Gilgit also closed their shops & recorded a protest in solidarity with the religious parties.

Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid has given his reaction in this regard & said that this program will-be in accordance with the regional culture & Islamic values ​​& opinion of scholars will-be respected in this regard.