Gaming: How Pakistani youth are earning millions from Esports

 e-sports Gaming: How Pakistani youth are earning millions from Esports?

Your family can never digest that a girl is streaming on YouTube with a face cam.

Lets say you belong to a family with a large number of doctors & you yourself are a homeopathic doctor but you leave profession to follow your heart & take up gaming not as a hobby but as a profession.

Amber known as  Maddie in  gaming world did just that.

Gaming: How Pakistani youth are earning millions from e-sports

Talking to News Agancy he also said that it was very difficult for people to understand that my family sisters in law & father are all doctors. I am also a homeopathic doctor so my father was that there is an honor in the society you are going to the clinic as a doctor.

How ever Amber's life changed after marriage as her husband encouraged her to continue gaming. My husband encouraged me a lot I had a passion for gaming & he supported me in that.

Then I did not even know that money can be earned from YouTube but my husband gave me confidence.

Amber aka Maddy is one of the Guinean women who are part of the booming e sports industry in Pakistan & are making money through streaming and organizing tournaments apart from gaming.

Pakistani parents are not ready to go beyond the fact that a daughter will-become a doctor and a son will-become an engineer.

People let you down eSports

As a woman breaking into an industry dominated by boys was particularly difficult for Amber.

People let you down but with time it took me about a year and a half to get better & then I saw so many girls come into the field which I am very happy about she says.

However she is not the only one in this field who is making good money sitting at home & the interesting thing is that she learned this skill not from anyone but herself.

He also said that this skill is in you you need a platform 12, 13 year old children are also playing games with me they are also studying & playing games with me.

They are not just educated children but they have the ability to think faster. Your mind becomes very active by playing this game.

Ambar suspects Pakistani parents that they are not ready to go beyond idea that a daughter will-become a doctor and a son will become an engineer.

However according to him, now the young kids who have created their own YouTube accounts also earn so well that they do not need to go out 

So the question arises how much you can earn by gaming & how much you have to invest to learn this skill.

How much can you earn from eSports?

Of course even your parents would stop you from going to gaming centers as a child but now Esports has become a  World global multi billion dollar market. According to the data, in the year 2021 the global esports market size exceeded one billion dollars & the prize pool of Dota 2 was more than 48 million dollars.

Pakistan biggest Esports event ever had a total prize pool of Rs 2 crore. Pakistani Esports players Smile Hasan and his brother Yawar Hasan have earned a total of $4.5 million while Tekken 7 player Arsalan Ash has earned more than $100,000 so far.

Some of the YouTuber gamers who have made it big are earning 15 to 2 million a month says Amber.

She says that Earlier in Pakistan no one understood anything about Esports but now we people have got a little awareness the reason for this is also games like PUBG & Free Fire.

It should be noted that among the earlier games in eSports games like Tekken Dota & FIFA, which are games played through consoles, were more popular. However the specialty of games like Pubg Free fire is that they can be easily played on the phone.

Earlier you needed a good computer but now the situation is different now you have a good mobile phone & headphones you can still do a good job says Amber.

However if you play other games that can only be played on a computer or console then the situation is completely different and then you need a computer with a powerful processor & gaming card headphones a webcam & a comfortable chair.

ESports: Where are the women in it?

The 23 year old Prince who earned millions of dollars in PUBG adopted Esports as a career.

In the year 2020 PUBG was banned in Pakistan. It was the time of the global pandemic of the Corona virus & during which students of schools colleges & universities were confined to their homes. Amber says that it was a difficult time & we were about to organize a tournament which was being held on a very large scale.

An Esports player named Qasim Mir said that if you are sponsored by a good company then we advertise those companies so we get paid by company but also if we win the tournament we also earn from it. And if they win an international tournament it becomes good money.

However  Mr Dawood Sikander an Esports player also said that it is easier for you if a company is sponsoring you otherwise it may be difficult to meet the expenses.

Indian YouTubers who showed young investors how to make money became famous overnight

Money can also be earned through coaching.

You will be surprised to know that like any other sport coaching plays a very important role & gamers take coaching to improve their game.

Arsalan Ash is a famous name in Pakistan but now other good players are part of the gaming industry & 1 of them is Bilal who has been playing Tekken 7 for the past seven years & represents Pakistan in international tournaments. have come

Talking to British news he said that the situation of Esports in Pakistan is quite slow but in the rest of the world it is developing very fast.

Awareness is also being created in Pakistan now & young people are coming into this sector.

Bilal is one of those players who not only play Esports but also coach it & earn money from it. He said that  I started my coaching career by coaching a girl from Japan I learned from her & also coached her.

He further Also said that seeing their flaws within the game & planning for them is part of it. I coach in America Europe & the Middle East.

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He Also said that trend of coaching in Pakistan is less because I charge 35 dollars per hour in foreign countries.

Bilal advised youngsters entering the field that they should 1st decide on their game.

You can play it all day.

Qasim Mir another Tekken player talking about the daily work of gamers said You can play all day its  up to you how you improve yourself.

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He Also said that as we study & we have problems or pressure it is the same here we do not sleep a day before the match.

He further said that  health problems arise because you eat &  drink & sit for gaming & you do not  do any movement so it looks like you are getting fat so then let's join the gym together. Take & run. Some get glasses but we are fine for now.

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