Four People Decided kill me Name of blasphemy Imran Khan

 4 peoples have decided to kill me in name of blasphemy Former PM Imran Khan

After murder it will-be said that this work was done by a religious fanatic that Chairman PTI Imran Khan had blasphemed addressing a public meeting in Mianwali .

Mianwali Report : PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that 4 people sitting in a closed room-have decided to kill me whose names are mentioned in a tape  nation will-never forgive them.

WebDesk: Addressing a public meeting in Mianwali former PM  Imran Khan said that I have started announcing Jail Bharu movement you have capacity of 60 to 70 thousand people in jails & millions of people are ready to go to jail.

Imran khan also said that there are 4 people sitting in closed rooms who-have decided to kill me & after my murder they will say that it was killed in name of blasphemy. Who was

Former PM Imran Khan also said that I have prepared a video of myself when something happens to me that tape will be released & the names of the 4 people who killed me while sitting in a closed room will-be revealed to the whole nation. decided to

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Chairman Imran Khan further said that I am a believer in the Hereafter life & death are in hands of Allah.

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He further said that Rana Sanaullah who is preparing against long march our preparation is better than his PML N has made fake audios & Maryam Nawaz is behind them.

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