A new airline called Fly Jinnah has announced to obtain necessary license to start flights from jinnah International Airport for cheap Ticket Prices travel within Pakistan on Fly Jinnah Airline.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority PCAA had issued a regular public transport license to Fly Jinnah Airline last year after approval of the federal government.

In a statement issued by the Fly Jinnah company the company has announced that it has received Air Operator Certificate and Air Operating License.

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Writing is in progress Fly Jinnah

Statement said that acquisition of Air Operating Certificate & Air Operating License confirms that Fly Jinnah has met all professional competences as well as adhered to all safety regulations & is required by the PCAA. After completion of rigorous inspection company has-been found safe to launch a passenger & cargo airline Service Fly Jinnah.

Statement issued by the company added that the Fly Jinnah airline is fully compliant with all technical & operational requirements set by the PCAA.

PIA Decision to start 20% domestic flights from May 16 

Company will continue to work closely with PCAA to determine the date for resumption of airline operations statement said.

Fly Jinnah Airline Chairman Mr Iqbal Ali Lakhani said that many efforts have-been made to obtain license & now the company is ready to launch flights & contribute to the country economy.

Statement quoted Adeel Al Ali founder of Air Arabia Group as saying We thank PCAA for helping us at all stages to obtain the Air Operating Certificate and we are determined that Fly Jinnah Airline Pakistan will increase the importance of the air travel sector.

Fly Jinnah airline said that in order to obtain an air operating certificate company had to have fully trained and qualified staff infrastructure systems routes & procedures in place to ensure the safety of the public & employees.

Statement further said that the operation of the planes will start with 3 planes consisting of Airbus A320 aircraft Fly Jinnah.

It has-been further stated that the Fly Jinnah airline will operate from Karachi & domestic routes will be operated before expanding the network internationally.

Fly Jinnah is a joint venture between Airlines Pakistan leading corporate Lexon Group & Middle East and North Africa first and lowest cost airline  Cheaper Ticket Price Air Arabia Group.

Launch of the brand identity of Fly Jinnah Pakistan new Cheap Ticket Prices airline

Pakistan new low-cost and Cheap Tickets Prices locust airline Fly Jinnah today announced the launch of its brand identity.

Along with its brand acronym FJ Fly Jinnah Airline has adopted a vibrant red color in its brand identity to reflect the spirit of a new & modern airline while its unique font & round shape symbolize movement & continuity. do

Commitment is 1 of the core values ​​of the brand which aims to offer real value to consumers & the round shape symbolizes movement & continuity. Commitment is one of the core values ​​of  brand which aims to offer real value to consumers. Presenting & connecting different communities around the world 2nd value is sincerity i.e. integrity and desire to achieve & develop while striving for improvement & innovative ness to be goal focused creative facilities while being active & diligent. To express.

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Inspired by Fly Jinnah logo & brand ethical values enhancing  beauty of aircraft

Designs reflect a modern airline that is committed and passionate & believes in continuous growth.

Fly Jinnah Airline is the fourth private airline of Pakistan which was established to play its role in the development of country economy by creating new jobs & promoting sectors such as tourism : hospitality. & it is a very modern company which is majority owned by Pakistani citizens.

Mr Iqbal Ali Lakhani Chairman Fly Jinnah With Good Ticket Price expressed that the presentation of Fly Jinnah Airline as a brand has-been thoughtfully chosen to reflect the evolving and evolving needs of aviation in Pakistan. Fly Jinnah will not only serve Pakistan aviation industry but also aims to contribute to the country infrastructure tourism business travel &create new jobs. Fly Jinnah will play an important role in the economic development of the country.

Good News For Travel From Pakistan to Europe Turkey US and UK

He added We are proud to have Arabia Group the 1st and largest Locust carrier operator in the Middle East & North Africa as our minority partner in this project. We are confident of the quality of services that our customers will benefit from. Sharing the know how and expertise of well-known and globally recognized Cheap Tickets Prices low cost locast airline operators like Air Arriba Group will help us achieve our mission of developing & up skilling the local workforce in the aviation sector. & skill enhancement is a key objective of our partnership with Air Arabia.

Currency Declaration form Pakistan required to be filled for foreign travelers

Fly Jinnah is in the process of obtaining its local air operator certificate upon completion of which airline will have the right to operate flights. The carrier will initially serve domestic routes across Pakistan from Karachi & later Will expand its route network internationally.

Mr. Lakhani concluded by saying that  aviation industry is a critical sector for a stable economy & sustainable development. Investing in aviation also provides important social benefits by providing our citizens with reliable access to air transportation Fly Jinnah. Quality of life improves. We are excited to provide more frequency on domestic services and provide more direct flight services between Pakistani cities & the world. has-been established to take advantage of the opportunities that currently exist in Pakistan growing air transport sector.

Air transport provides more than 30 million jobs and a GDP of US$684 billion in Asia and the Pacific alone. Countries in Asia and the subcontinent are focusing on aviation to boost economic growth by supporting domestic & international connectivity. have-been while also contributing a great deal to local employment.

Joint ventures in aviation have proven to be globally successful & are becoming increasingly common.General models of a joint venture

In a parent Fly Jinnah airline group shares are less while local owners hold majority shares & thus there is a combination of local knowledge & world class aviation. Almost all countries of the world follow the same policy of FDI in aviation. which allows up to 49% foreign ownership. Joint ventures provide a significant social benefit to human capital by bringing international experience technology & training standards to the local market through knowledge transfer & local talent development.

Lexon Group & Air Arabia Group announced their decision to form a joint venture airline in Pakistan in September 2021. Fly Jinnah will follow a cost effective business model and provide its customers with reliable operations & value added products. More details about the launch date fleet and network of locations will-be announced in due course.

Fly Jinnah website & social media accounts are now active & can be followed at:
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Fly Jinnah Why is PIA upset about allowing Air Arabia to fly in Pakistan?

Pakistan national airline PIA in a recent letter to former Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed concern over allowing a foreign airline to operate domestic routes in country & asked Declared economically harmful for IA.

Chief Executive Officer of PIA has informed the Prime Minister that apart from  national airline the private sector airlines of  country have also expressed concern over this development.

The national airline has  also said that the move is tantamount to harming the country fragile aviation industry & the long-term damage will be huge.

Apart from PIA operating in the government sector 3 private sector airlines are currently operating flights on domestic routes of the country.

It should be noted that in Pakistan airline of United Arab Emirates named Air Arabia has been allowed to operate domestic flights in cooperation with the airline company named Fly Jinnah of a Pakistani business group.

In Pakistan the people associated with the aviation industry experts & Pakistan International Airline PIA have termed this move as a loss for the local aviation industry but the regulator of the aviation sector in the country Civil Aviation rejected these concerns. has gone According to the Civil Aviation Authority a local business group owns the majority stake in Fly Jinnah.

Pakistan National Airline is currently facing financial difficulties and its financial results for the financial year ending 30 June 2021 show that PIA incurred a loss of 25 billion in one year. The company revenue passenger kilometers also declined by over 22 percent in the year under review.

What concerns did the PIA express?

Chief Executive Officer of PIA a national airline operating in the government sector wrote a letter to the PM titled Protection of the Domestic Aviation Industry.

According to this letter received by British news PIA Managing Director told the Prime Minister that according to reports government of Pakistan has allowed a foreign airline to operate domestic flights with the aim of attracting foreign investment in the country. Kari is said to encourage.

According to him this move will be disastrous for the weak aviation industry of the country. He however technically said that the agreement is between a local airline and a foreign airline under which the foreign airline will bring aircraft to Pakistan & start domestic flights.

PIA CEO said it was a violation of the National Aviation Policy under which Air Arabia was not allowed to operate domestic flights.
He pointed out that now in the name of Fly Jinnah Airline Air Arabia will get permission for domestic flights in name of foreign investment.

When contacted in this regard, the Civil Aviation Authority regulator Pakistan of the aviation sector in Pakistan spokesperson of the authority 1st rejected the impression that the domestic flight rights had-been given to a foreign airline. .

Spokesman said that as far as Fly Jinnah is concerned a local business group owns the majority stake so the airline is a local company.

Spokesperson said that the impression that a foreign airline would take over the domestic routes of the country is wrong.

He also said the country civil aviation policy and related laws allow foreign investment to be brought into the country.

Are foreign airlines allowed to fly on domestic routes?

Letter written by the Chief Executive Officer of PIA said that such an arrangement does not exist even in the countries of the world which have very liberal trade policies like the US.

In this regard when we spoke to the people related to the aviation sector they said that it is not case in the region where Pakistan is located and it is very rare in the world that a foreign airline company is allowed to fly to a country. Allowed to operate flights on internal routes.

Wing Commander retired Naseem Ahmad while talking to British news said that this happens very rarely but Turkish Airlines has such permission in America. He also said that actually such agreements are mutual agreements of 2 parties.

He Also said that if PIA has objection to this it should knock the door of the court however he said that this should not be allowed.

Mr.Javed Chaudhry a journalist reporting on aviation matters said that it doesn't happen in the world that a foreign airline company is allowed to fly domestically.

Why is the local aviation industry opposing it?

Naseem Ahmed says that their opposition is understandable. However PIA share in the international air business has declined & the international air operations it operates are no longer except for Hajj Umrah & Pakistani workers working in the Middle East.

Now if a foreign airline will come on internal routes as well then there is a fear of harming PIA on the basis of which it is opposing it.

Mr Tahir Imran aviation affairs journalist said in this regard that this move will-be harmful for local airlines.

He said also however it should be kept in mind that domestic routes are never profitable for airlines & if it is not mandatory for airlines to operate domestic routes they should reduce their number.

In this regard PIA spokesperson Mr.Abdullah Hafeez Khan said that PIA always strives to provide best services to its customers & considers the atmosphere of parallel competition as very important for the development of the aviation industry. It must be fair and equitable under the law and one of the primary responsibilities of regulatory affairs is to ensure that not only is there equal opportunity for all but also that the interests of  domestic aviation industry are looked after.

He said that the start of operations of an international airline as a domestic airline is not only a violation of National Aviation Policy 2019 but this initiative especially the use of the right of  cabotage is an example of the developed world. And not even in liberal countries.

Such a move will discourage the aviation industry in Pakistan & all domestic airlines have already expressed their opinion against it. PIA as a national airline has tried to convey the voice to authorities on behalf of all Pakistani airlines.

According to aviation industry insiders Air Arabia wants to increase its frequency in Pakistan through this initiative.

In this regard the spokesperson of PIA said that it is against Pakistan national aviation policy which after giving these rights to a foreign airline asks for the same rights to be obtained by its own country airline : the organic market. According to the principles of growth.

According to estimates of the International Air Transport Association due to the decrease in the business of the aviation industry due to Corona the air traffic figures that were in the year 2019 cannot be achieved even by the end of the year 2023. will

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