Electric Car are becoming popular in China and Pakistan With Good Prices but how long will this trend continue?

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Electric Car Is Very good Price many Pakistani People Rae Interesting in This Electric Car Because This Electric Car Is Cheap Price.

If you want to know how the government Pakistan and any country can play a role in promoting new technologies look no further than the new Car, vehicles, taxis in Beijing China.

Electric Car Price in Pakistan Taxis Wuling Hongguang Mini EV
Electric Car Price in Pakistan Taxis Wuling Hongguang Mini EV

5 years ago the city proposed that petrol or diesel powered taxis  Car would no longer be allowed on the streets & today the situation is that thousands of Car vehicles run on batteries on the streets of Beijing & these electric vehicles Drivers do not even have to worry about wasting time at charging Price and  stations.

In Beijing and many other Chinese cities  electric taxis car go to a battery Charge Price is Very Cheap swapping station. where a machine removes their battery & replaces it with a charged & within minutes within Low cost Price.

They drivers come to the streets to earn some money by driving so they do not want to have to wait 2 hours at a station to charge their batteries says E Yun Lisa Hasia of National Taiwan University. 

This is just 1 facet of China booming electric car and vehicle market. Not only taxis but also common citizens are buying electric Car in large numbers.

In July this year the China Passenger Car Association expected the country to sell 6 million new electric car in 2022-23up from its previous forecast of 5.5 million.

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China is ahead of America & Europe in acquiring this technology

September 2022 has-been the best month for Tesla Company in China. According to the latest data it has sold 83 thousand 135 vehicles in this month.

About a quarter of all new vehicle registrations in China are now either electric or hybrid. It simply means that China is ahead of America & Europe in acquiring this technology. Half of the world electric vehicles Car are sold in China.

According to Eun Lisa Hsia the main reason for this is government patronage incentives and benefits. For more than a decade the Chinese government has subsidized the sale of electric Car. These subsidies have been decreasing over time & are set to end by 2023 but there are still a number of reasons why buying an electric Car is just a pocket benefit.

Petrol and Diesel Prices is very High . And also Problem for Climate change Oil Car. Buyers of new fossil fuel petrol & diesel vehicles in China have to pay not only for the vehicle but also for the number plate. A new number plate in Shanghai costs about 100,000 yuan US$14,000 also price in Pakistan.

Price in Pakistan:

Rinco Aria: Will the 2.4 million cheap electric car in Pakistan

If you choose an electric car there are other benefits that may vary from city to city. In the city of Liuzhou the authorities have allowed electric vehicle owners to drive in bus lanes & get free parking.

After that some cars are also priced very attractively. Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is a vehicle that is challenging the trend of expensive electric car.

The very basic version of the small car costs Price just $4,600 & is attractive to both city dwellers and 1st time buyers says Jon Hackaway president & director of research firm Storm Crow Capital.

Rinco Aria electric Car: Will the cheap price  electric car of 24 lakhs in Pakistan be able to completely get rid of petrol?

Asif khan  a resident of KARACH is not the only person who fears that petrol prices will increase further but almost every Pakistani is afraid that the price of petrol and Diesel per liter may reach 240 PKR like a dollar rate  if not today.

Electric Car Price in Pakistan in Read read
Electric Car Price in Pakistan in Read read

Bought the 'cheapest' electric car 'Renco Aria' introduced in Pakistan to find out if having an electric car Price in Pakistan could be a successful experiment.

They are right to a certain extent because currently the cheapest Prices electric car in Pakistan is MG Company's 'ZSEV'. This SUV is around Price Rs 70 lakh & let alone the vehicles like Ode Tran  which are not available for less than price Rs 2 crore.

Why less buyers of electric car in Pakistan?

Apparently there is a lot of interest in electric car in the country, but not many buyers. Professor  Me Naveed Arshad of Lahore University of Management Sciences LUMS has done a lot of research on electric  car for Pakistan.

These are vehicles that can be sold across a large part of Asia he says.

The Hongguang Mini is currently the most popular electric car in China but there are several other high priced electric cars such as the Tesla Model Y Price $54,000 or the Shiping P7 Price $33,100. Both are among the top 10 best selling electric Car in China.

Competition in the electric Car market in China is very fierce & many companies are trying to make a place in it. According to a recent Reuters report Junyao Airlines is also planning to build electric Car.

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Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is an ultra low Price electric Car vehicle

It a very favorable environment for these manufacturers to develop their technology said Pedro Pacheco an analyst with consulting firm Gartner.

He also says the range of some electric vehicles in China is huge & carmakers are now adding infotainment systems & other accessories to expensive electric car to attract customers.

But there are 2 big questions about the electric vehicle trend in China will it continue & how will it change the global electric & market in Low Prices?

Anna Nichols director of industry analysis at the Economist Intelligence Unit says she been surprised by how fast electric car sales have-been in China in recent years but says the end of subsidies on new electric car purchases has helped boost sales. Their demand may decrease.

Electric Car Pakistan
Electric Car Pakistan 

It is a bit difficult for the electric car market to continue growing at this rate in the future she says.

Charging facilities are still not everywhere & supply issues remain. In some parts of China many charging stations were shut down when electricity production fell due to the worst drought.

More electric & sales generally mean an increase in demand for electricity & at a time when China is trying to reduce coal consumption in its coal fired.

Some analysts like Hackaway argue that hybrid vehicles are better than fully electric car because they will-be less dependent on electricity.

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In addition they will require less lithium due to smaller batteries. Fears are being expressed that in the next few years there will-be a shortage of lithium in the world.

& as for the question of what trends China electric vehicle and car market might change globally World it is too early to say anything in this regard but this change has already begun & many Chinese companies are now selling their electric Car in Latin America. Presenting for sale in America Africa Pakistan & other countries

New model of Suzuki Swift. ..

Pedro Pacheco says more major car brands will have to adopt battery swapping technology to help their car thrive in Europe but he also points to the success of ultra low price electric vehicles in China.

They already have low Prices electric vehicles in China. In European Countries we are not there yet.

These are exactly the kind of car that can make their place in emerging markets.

Is it time to conquer the Global? Perhaps yes but another circle says the global world can wait.

As long as the Chinese market is thriving they can sell it locally and why would not they?

Analysts say it will-be interesting to see what happens to the market once the subsidies end. This may cause Chinese electric car manufacturers to shift to other countries and maybe we-will indirectly favor electric car due to the policies of the Chinese authorities?