Death of dengue patient applying seasonal juice instead of plasma

In India Death of dengue patient allegedly by applying seasonal juice instead of plasma investigation continues

WebDesk: Patient family has alleged that instead of plasma he died due to the application of season juice

A person has died due to alleged medical negligence in India Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh  largest state.

A dengue patient in a private hospital was allegedly given seasonal grapefruit juice through a drip instead of plasma.

According to the details a person was admitted to the private hospital Global Hospital & Trauma Center for dengue treatment but the person died during the treatment.

The family claims that the hospital gave the patient a drip instead of plasma which led to his death.

A video of this case has also surfaced in which a person is telling that the blood packet contains season juice on which he is questioning the hospital administration.

Orders of investigation :

There is an intense discussion on this issue on the media & social media.

After this matter came to light the chief medical officer of the district has issued orders to seal the hospital while all the patients admitted to the hospital have-been transferred to other hospitals.

 Deputy Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh Brijesh Pathak has also ordered an inquiry into the matter.

He tweeted: Taking notice of the viral video of a patient being given seasonal juice instead of platelets at Global Hospital in Prayagraj district the hospital has-been sealed immediately. A packet of platelets has been sent for testing as per my order. Strict action will-be taken against the hospital if found guilty.

Brijesh Pathak said that an investigation team headed by the Chief Medical Officer has-been sent to the spot. A report will-be submitted in a few hours & strict action will be taken against those responsible.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar who died due to alleged medical negligence. Was admitted to the Global Hospital on October 17. He was being treated for dengue but died 2 days after being admitted to the hospital.

Due to the loss of platelets in dengue fever. patients usually require plasma to replenish the platelet deficiency in patients.

Reactions during transfusion of platelets

The family of the deceased allege that instead of platelets, Pradeep Kumar was given Season juice. The color of the plasma is also dark yellow & the color of the juice is almost the same.

Currently investigations are being conducted to determine whether there was juice in the plasma packet or not & if so how did such a big negligence happen?

Inspector General of indian Police Rakesh Singh told news agency ANI that an investigation team has-been formed to investigate reports of giving fake plasma to dengue patients. Some suspects have also been detained.

He added: It is not clear whether it was seasonal juice or not. A fake bloods bank has also been caught a few days ago.

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Hospital owner Saurabh Mishra told news agency PTI that Pradeep Pandey platelets had reduced to 17000. & their relatives were asked to bring platelets.

He also said that the family had brought 5 units of platelets from SRN Hospital. After instilling them the patient started having a reaction. so we discontinued the series.

Mr. Saurabh Mishra said that the platelets & where they were brought from should be checked as they have a sticker of SRN Hospital. However no statement has come out from SRN Hospital in this regard till now.