Centaurus Mall fire incident in Islamabad There was no place to escape due to rush

A fire broke out at Centaur Mall in the center of Pakistan capital Islamabad on Sunday & smoke could be seen billowing far & wide. Centaurus Mall Images & footage circulating on social media showed flames inside & outside the Centaurus Mall building in a section of the Centaurus Shopping mall.

In Centaurus Shopping mall videos it can be seen that a large number of people are trying to evacuate the Mall building & people are running outside. Efforts are on to douse the fire & there are fears that  fire may spread to other floors in Centaurus mall but it is also said to be largely under control. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

According to British news Correspondent Mr Humira Kanwal till  filing of this report the upper floors of the  Centaurus shopping mall appear to be on fire. The main roads leading to Centaurus have-been blocked by the police.

According to  Capital Islamabad Police after the completion of the rescue operation the building of the Centaurus shopping mall will-be sealed by order of the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad & building will remain sealed until the cause of the fire is investigated. No 1 will-be allowed to enter Centaurus the shopping mall.

Eyewitnesses Centaurus Mall: People have come out with great difficulty

Mr Majid Abbasi who came out of Centaurus Mall safely told the British news that as soon as the fire broke out people were running around there was a lot of commotion people got out with great difficulty.

According to him there was no smoke inside there was smoke outside. According to him the security guard of Centaurus mall was taking people out the alarm was ringing, the security of Centaurus Shopping mall had come they kicked everyone out there was a lot of rush inside there was no place to run big I have come out with difficulty.

According to Mr Majid Abbasi All the people have left their belongings inside & ran away there was a lot of shouting We were inside for 15 to 20 minutes when the rush eased we were taken out.

We were on the food code he says. It was a weekend and it was lunch time so people were there we came down through the lift.

Mr Tauqeer was working at a shop in Centaurus mall for 3 years.

He also said that everything was going on as usual in the morning. When there Centaurus mall was a good rush I thought that the sale would be more today. According to  Mr Tauqeer I came to know later from my colleagues that the fire broke out at Monal Hotel due to a short circuit.

According to him there was a lot of rush mall security got people out first before the fire spread. People were evacuated before the smoke spread. We finally got out of  Centaurus Shopping mall.

Prime Minister instructions to extinguish fire in Centaurus mall

PM Shehbaz Sharif taking notice of fire in Centaurus Mall of Islamabad has directed the relevant institutions & authorities of federal capital to take immediate action.

Interior Minister of Pakistan Rana Sanaullah notice on fire in a private property Centaurus mall in Islamabad According to a spokesperson of Federal Ministry of Interior Rana Sanaullah the Islamabad administration & fire brigade staff have-been instructed to use all resources to control the fire. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has instructed administration to use the helicopter facility from relevant departments to extinguish the fire and to evacuate all the people trapped in the property safely. The reasons for fire in the Mall  property should be examined & the responsible persons should be determined.

According to the spokesman Federal Interior Minister  Pakistan has  also said that a detailed report of  fire Centaurus mall should be submitted to the Interior Ministry.

Spokesman of Pakistan Navy  also said that Navy is providing assistance in extinguishing  fire in Centaurus  Shopping Mall in Islamabad. According to him, the navy team and three fire tenders have reached the spot & are busy extinguishing the fire.