Can Faisalabad become Future a fireworks industry?

Mukoana a suburb of Faisalabad has-been known for manufacturing fireworks since the UK British era. The work here began almost 140 years ago in the 1880 with the construction of airplanes for flying birds before the arrival of aircraft at the airbase.

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated every spring. This festival is considered to be a symbol of victory of light over darkness & good over evil.

Fireworks are 1 of the main rituals of this festival & the Hindu community actively participates in it.

Hindus community living in Sindh buys most of its fireworks from Faisalabad for the Diwali festival.


In this regard the booking of orders starts 2 months before Diwali & then the process of sending the finished goods from Faisalabad to Sindh continues till October 20.

Mukoana a suburb of Faisalabad has-been known for manufacturing fireworks since the British era.

work here began almost 140 years ago in the 1880s with the construction of airplanes for flying bird before the arrival of aircraft at the airbase.

In this regard the licenses issued during the United Kingdom British era are being passed down from generation to generation & people from the same families are still working to manufacture airplanes for the Air Force & the Civil Aviation Authority.

Apart from this goods are made to order for weddings & other happy events across the country.

Speaking to News Agancy Zafar Iqbal who is involved in the business of manufacturing fireworks by the name of Zafar & Sons Fireworks in Makwana said that most of the fireworks produced for Diwali go to Sindh.

He said that those who come from Sanghar Umarkot Mirpur Khas, Thar, Mithi & other areas to buy fireworks for Diwali are issued special permits for 2 months by the Home Department. They are allowed to manufacture & transport fireworks.

They come here & buy goods from different people & in 60 days they buy firecrackers or other things & they go there & celebrate their happiness & Diwali.

He also said that the fireworks products that are used more on Diwali include shooters shorts,cakes sticks, pomegranate fountains & other etc.

These people like loud things. If loud things work then we will be able to celebrate Diwali.

According to Mr. Zafar Iqbal these fireworks used to be made from China and India etc. but then its import was banned after which local artisans started manufacturing these items here on the demand of customers.

Its prices are different the 1 who makes good has a good price. the 1 who makes normal has a normal price. We are not the only ones here. there are about 40 to 50 licenses & work is being done.

He said also that when something is manufactured it is run & checked & then its rate is fixed according to the quality.

Fireworks Prices : 

These cr-ack-ers etc. are sold in 10 rupees boxes. 20 rupees boxes and 15 rupees boxes. It is a stick Price of Rs.100  and Rs.90 & 80 rupees Price. like pomegranate. it became Rs.50 it became Rs.30 it also has different rates.

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They sell these goods at wholesale rates while the retailers sell these items on their own account.

In response to a question regarding safety. Mr. Zafar Iqbal said that the civil defense officials try their best to implement the safety measures. while children below 18 years of age are not employed. Is.

Regarding the training of artisans. He also said that newcomers are asked to become someone apprentice 1st.

They 1st see this work here & there. then they work with someone & then they become artisans. There are three or four teacher families from which many people have started doing this work after taking training.

He also said that the license issued for making fireworks must be renewed every year from the Deputy Commissioner. Police Civil Defense & other relevant departments. .

According to Zafar Iqbal if the government declares this work as commercial. it will-not only generate tax revenue. but it will also be able to export better fireworks abroad.