Senator PTI Azam Swati arrested for spreading hatred against army chief & army

In the case filed against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  PTI Senator Azam Swati FIA ​​has accused him of trying to spread hatred against Army Chief General Mr.Qamar Javed Bajwa & the Pakistani Army & creating distrust in the judicial system.

A case ha-been registered against Azam Swati under provisions of Anti Electronic Crime Act 216 between October 13 & 14 at 1 am.

Azam Swati arrested Two days physical remand spreading hatred army chief

FIA ​​cybercrime case said that Azam Swati had made a highly derogatory tweet to serve malicious & ulterior motives & that it was a nefarious conspiracy to spread division in the Pakistan Army.

In this case of FIA it was further said that Azam Swati tried to incite people against state institutions by spreading wrong information. tweet created an atmosphere of fear & terror in the people.

According to the text of the case Azam Swati directly targeted the state of Pakistan state institutions & the Chief of Army Staff.

Yesterday while reacting to the acquittal of Prime Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shehbaz in the money laundering case he said in a message on Twitter that Mr. Bajwa congratulations to you & a few people with you.

Your plan is succeeding & all criminals are getting off at cost of this country. By freeing these thieves you-have legalized corruption. Now what will you predict the future of this country ?

Only one name Use Bajwa was arrested for the crime of tweeting.

On the occasion of the court appearance Azam Swati told the journalists that there was no violation of law. Bajwa has only been named & this is a violation.

He alleged that the FIA ​​arrested him but the agencies tortured me.

Even the parliamentarian clothes have been removed I am telling the nation & the country that this will be your fate.

When asked for what crime he was arrested, he replied for tweeting.

Two days physical remand of Breaking senator Azam Swati approved

Court has approved Azam Swati 2 days physical remand while giving a safe decision on FIA request for physical remand.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  PTI leader Senator Mr. Azam Khan Swati was arrested by the FIA ​​in a raid at his residence between Wednesday & Thursday at three o'clock after which he was produced in the Islamabad court on Thursday morning.

Tehreek-e-Insaf's lawyer Faisal Chaudhry told News Agancy that he was informed by Azam Swati family that FIA had raided his house at three in the morning & arrested him.

After the arrest Senator PTI Mr.Azam Swati was produced in the court of Senior Civil Judge Mr. Shabir Bhatti. Azam Swati was arrested by the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Cell last night.

FIA ​​had requested Azam Swati 7 day physical remand.

Babar Awan appeared in court on behalf of Azam Swati. Azam Swati lawyer took the stand that Senator Azam Swati has-been arrested only on political grounds.Mr. Azam Swati was brutally tortured late at night. On this the court immediately ordered Azam Swati to undergo medical treatment at Pims Hospital. FIA officials took PTI leader Azam Swati to Pims Hospital.

In FIR registered against Azam Swati by FIA Cybercrime it was stated that Senator Azam Swati posted highly derogatory tweets to serve malicious & ulterior motives. They directly targeted state of Pakistan state institutions & Pakistan Chief of Army Staff.

FIR further states that Senator Azam Swati tweet is a heinous conspiracy to spread division in Pakistan. They targeted the country courts & tried to incite people against state institutions by spreading misinformation. The initial report alleged that his tweet created an atmosphere of fear & terror among the public.

The text of Senator Azam Swati controversial tweet has also-been included in the FIA ​​case. A case has-been registered against Azam Swati under sections 109, 500, 501 & 502 of the PICA Act, 2016.

FIA position:

The FIA officials said in the court that PTI  Senator Azam Swati has-been arrested for his controversial tweet.

Senator PTI Azam Swati has admitted in court that he made both those tweets himself.

Civil Court handed over PTI leader Azam Swati to FIA on 2 days physical remand after which he will-be produced before the court on 15 October.

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After the hearing Senator Azam Swati also accused the agencies of torture on him in a conversation with journalists. He also said that despite being a Member of Parliament he was stripped of his clothes & tortured.