In the case of the arrest of the Interior Minister anti corruption team reached  police station secretariat

Islamabad Capital: anti corruption team of Punjab has reached PUNJAB police station secretariat to comply with arrest order of Rana Sanaullah.

ISLAMABAD: The anti corruption team of Punjab reached police station with arrest warrant of Federal Interior Minister Pakistan Rana Sanaullah.

Anti corruption team of Punjab has reached the police station secretariat with the arrest warrant of  court anti corruption team consisting of 3 vehicles has reached police station secretariat.

It should be remembered that the anti-corruption court rejected the request of the anti-corruption authorities 4 contempt of court proceedings against interior Minister Rana Sanaullah & ordered to continue efforts to arrest the interior minister.

Request for contempt of court action against Rana Sana rejected order to arrest & produce

The Federal Police sent back the anti corruption team that came with the warrant of Rana Sana

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Judge Ghulam Akbar of the Model Trial Court had issued a non bailable arrest warrant for Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah 2 days ago to comply with which the anti-corruption team had already reached the Khusar police station, but the police officials had taken the position that Rana Sanaullah police station does not fall within the limits of Kohsar to which the anti-corruption team had gone back