YouTube Shorts Monetized Announced Google Users who create short videos on the world most popular video platform YouTube will now monetize be able to earn income through these Shirts videos Company Monetize Plan.

YouTube has introduced a new way for creators of short videos YouTube shorts to generate Money income. From This Shorts Monetized Program The company announced on Tuesday that it will introduce ads on shorts YouTube and 45 percent of its revenue will be given to video creators.

YouTube Shorts Monetized

Previously, YouTube regular video creators earned 55 percent of the revenue from ads that run at the beginning or middle of the video.

Hairstylist turned YouTube video creator Chris Collins praised YouTube Shorts for offering revenue for shorts according to Agancy News  Reuters.

He also said that YouTube is running with different thinking. She is helping creators to create content in different formats.

It should be noted that this most popular video platform worldwide is currently facing competition With from its rival platform TikTok. TikTok which started with short lip sync & dance videos can now post videos of up to 10 minutes. Not only this but the number of users of this platform has increased to 1 billion per month.

Looking at the popularity of TikTok YouTube introduced the shorts feature in late 2020 in which users can create a short video of up to one minute & attract more than 1e & a half billion users.

In April YouTube launched a $100 million fund to attract creators to create short videos that promote talent. However the new revenue sharing plan 1st reported by The New York Times appears bigger & more sustainable than the fund.

YouTube vice president Mr Tara Wolpert Levy says YouTube is sharing a small portion of sales with creators of the shorts to offset its significant investment in developing the feature.

It should be noted that Google earned 14.20 billion dollars in terms of advertising from YouTube in 1st half of this year which is nine percent more than the same part of 2021. However the sales of advertising in the most recent quarter were slowest growth. Reflects

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Although the World global economic situation is also a factor in this economic analysts say that TikTok is also a factor.