Where do Top 10 fastest trains in the world run?

Top 10 : With increase in crude fuel prices the cost of air travel around the Global world is also increasing. Questions are often raised about the role of airplanes in relation to climate change but what is alternative?

In Pakistan high speed trains are currently no less Top 10  than a dream but a lot of work has-been done in this regard in different countries of Global world.

Traveling at speeds of 150 to 250 mph trains have emerged as an attractive alternative to airplanes.

Special thing is that the fare of trains is lower than that of planes & can travel in larger number of people.

Billions of dollars have-been spent on such high speed trains in Europe & Asia over the past decades with China being the most prominent making almost every part of the country accessible by train.

Apart from this Germany Spain South Korea and other countries have also done a lot of work in this regard.

But where can you travel on the fastest trains in the world?

Shanghai Maglev Train

Shanghai Maglev top 10 train

world fastest train is also unique in that it travels under a magnetic system instead of a conventional track i.e. the train is suspended in the air on the track magnetic field.

It connects Shanghai Pudong Airport to city center with a maximum speed of 286 mph.

This train covers a distance of 30 km in just 7&  a half minutes.

Following this success China is also working on a 373 mph maglev train that will travel between Shanghai &  Huangzhou in the near future.

CR 400 Focusing Train

Where do Top 10 fastest trains in the world run?

CR 400 Focusing Train Chinese train travels at a speed of 217 mph but it has also traveled at a speed of 260 mph during  test phase.

It is the world fastest train on conventional track with 16 coaches & can carry 1200 passengers at a time.

In this facilities like smart glass display wireless device charging & smart cabin are available to passengers during the journey.

CR 400 Focusing train can also handle extreme weather conditions while also having autonomous driving capabilities.

In fact it is currently the world's only high speed train with automatic driving capability.

Ice 3 Train Train

Where do Top 10 fastest trains in the world run?

Germany is also world famous for its trains &  Ice 3 is its fastest train with a top speed of 205 miles per hour.

It has-been serving people since 1999 with the construction of a 110mile high speed track between Cologne & Frankfurt cutting the journey between 2 cities from two and a half hours to just 62 minutes.

Later scope of this service was extended to other cities but the network was also extended to Paris Amsterdam & Brussels.

TGV Train

Where do Top 10 fastest trains in the world run?

France is considered one of the pioneers of high speed rail technology & Europe 1st high speed train was launched in France.

France TGV trains can currently travel at a speed of 198.5 mph across the interior of the country as well as to Brussels & London.

JR East 5 Train

Where do Top 10 fastest trains in the world run?

Japan introduced the concept of the fastest railway system in global world in 1964 & has-been leading the world ever since.

Most trains in Japan are capable of traveling at a speed of 186 miles per hour but the E5 bullet train can travel at a speed of 200 miles per hour.

The train has 731 seats while the 32 motors installed in it provide 12,900 horse power.

Al Baraq Train

The country 1st & so far only, high speed bullet train opened to the public in November 2018 connecting the Moroccan city of Casablanca with coastal city of Tangier.

It was introduced in the 1st phase of Morocco 1,500 km long high speed network developed by a French company & can travel at a speed of 198.5 mph.

AVES 103 Train

Spain joined the list of countries to operate high speed trains in 1992 and imported TGV technology from France.

Now this European country has developed its super fast trains and also has longest rail network in Europe.

The AVE is capable of traveling at a top speed of 193 mph but according to officials it can be driven at a top speed of 217 mph at least in testing stages.

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KTX Train

This South Korean train can travel at a speed of 190 miles per hour.

KTX train from Seoul to Busan can travel at a maximum speed of 205 mph but is limited to 190 mph.

South Korea is also developing trains that can travel at speeds of 260 miles per hour but they have not yet been officially introduced.

Train Italia ETR 1000

This ETR 1000 train in Italy travels at a speed of 186 miles per hour even though it was designed to travel at a speed of 250 miles per 1 hour.

ETR 1000 train Engine of this train provides 10 thousand horse power while it has 457 seats.

Harmain Express High Speed ​​Railway

This Haramain Express train running between Makkah & Madina can travel at a speed of 186 miles per hour.

For this purpose the Talgo trains developed by Spain were modified for desert travel & this train can travel even in 50 degree Celsius temperature.

Haramain Express Schedule Ticket Price Timing Economy and Business Class

This train can cover the distance of 279 miles between Makkah &  Madina within 2 hours.