We only play Imran Khan audio Leaked on American cipher has surfaced

 only play Imran Khan Said In audio Leaked on American cipher has surfaced He also Says Audio of Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman  PTI Imran Khan regarding the alleged American cipher has also come out.

Audio leak of PTI Chairman Imran Khan & Azam Khan regarding & American cipher has come out in which Imran Khan can be heard saying Now we have only to play not to name  US America just to play. On top of that this date was already there to which Azam Khan replied that I was thinking that a meeting should be held over this cipher.

In case of audio leaks PM called a meeting of National Security Committee

PM audio is proof that no illegal act has taken place: Minister Maryam Aurangzeb

In the audio Azam Khan can be heard saying Do you remember that at the end the ambassador wrote to demarche even if no demarche is given I have thought how to cover it? Have a meeting between Shah Mahmood & the Foreign Secretary in which Shah Mahmood will read out the letter and whatever he reads out will be changed into a copy I will do it in the minutes the Foreign Secretary has made this thing.

Islambad: According to  details another audio has-been added in relation to disclosure of secret conversations of high ranking personalities in  country audio Leaked of former PM Imran Khan has also-been leaked audio conversation of Imran Khan & his principal secretary Azam Khan on the issue of cipher has come to light. Is.

Former PM Imran Khan is telling strategy to Principal Secretary Azam Khan on the issue of cipher in audio Leaks Imran Khan is saying that we have to play on it only not to name America US.

Azam Khan  also said that a meeting will-be held on the cipher Shah Mahmood will read out the letter he will read it then I will-copy it then it will come on record that this thing happened.

Principal secretary added that in diplomatic language it is called a threat then the analysis will-be done in the minutes of your choice so that minutes are in the records of the office. Minutes will-be drafted so that those things are on the record you see that they are consulate fore states you call foreign secretary so that it is not political and goes on the bureaucratic record.

Imran Khan  also said that Shah Mahmood you Azam Khan Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood will-be present in this meeting anyway make it a foreign conspiracy.

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It should be remembered that a few days ago, the audio of an important meeting held at the Prime Minister's House was also leaked, on which Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has called a meeting of the National Security Committee expressing his concerns.

Audio leaks : Will the alleged audio leaks affect Imran Khan popularity?

In the recent days since many audio leaks have come to public 2 after the other More there has-been a panic in political circles of Pakistan. Every political party is trying to use this audio conversation allegedly leaked from PM House for their own purposes.

Another alleged audio leak of former PM Imran Khan has surfaced on Friday from an unknown source in which he can be heard talking to a member of his cabinet allegedly about horse trading.

Earlier after audio leaks of Prime Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif Maryam Nawaz & other cabinet members came to light there was no denial. Federal Information Minister Pakistan Maryam Aurangzeb said in her statement that this proves that nothing illegal has happened.

This gave impression that the conversations of politicians in Pakistan Prime Minister House were being recorded illegally.

Earlier PTI member and former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry had claimed that the hacker Indishell had sold the recording of the conversation on  dark web. But after the alleged new audio leak of Former PM Imran Khan he says that people know who is leaking this audio from where.

But after another audio of former PM Imran Khan was leaked on Friday this trend does not seem to be stopping.

After these audio leaks came to light Chairman PTI Imran Khan narrative of external conspiracy is being rejected by the ruling party PML N.

It is also being said by PML-N that Former PM Imran Khan based his sit-ins & rallies on basis of lies.

Have these audio leaks made any difference to  popularity of Imran Khan's narration?

In this regard journalist and analyst Mr  Anbar Rahim Shamsi also said that Imran Khan's narrative is getting a blow drop by drop.

Those who believe in former PM Imran Khan & believe in his narrative and are his supporters they will hear what chairman PTI Imran Khan wants in these audio leaks.

He  also said that the interpretation that Chairman PTI Imran Khan will present he his supporters will believe. And it is being interpreted that the audio leaks prove that the cipher is a fact & those who were calling it a conspiracy proved wrong.

But if you listen to it carefully what Imran Khan Niazi says will play in it when his principal secretary Mr Azam Khan says that we can put our own interpretation on the minutes of the meeting or if you listen she says. The conversations he is having with his own cabinet members proves that there was a narrative to be created because he felt he was going to be out of power.

He more said that there will be no setback from these 2 audio leaks and this is visible in his meetings especially in Punjab where people are reaching his meetings in droves & are still listening to him. 

But those who can be called neutral on matter are having doubts after the recent audio leaks.

For example former PM Imran Khan clearly said that do not mention the name of America. But then in an event he mentioned the name of America  US in a live broadcast. & he laughed at his own words that he spoke against what he said.

Former PM Imran Khan has resorted to a firm to improve his image in America US while in his numerous statements in Pakistan he has been criticizing America United States & accusing them of plotting a political conspiracy against him.

His critics believe that these conflicting statements mean that he twists things politically so they consider his statements to be political. But those who are supporters of Chairman PTI Imran Khan & vote for him have-been believing what he said.

Imran Khan words have been confirmed

Speaking to the British news former federal minister & PTI member Asad Umar said On what basis is PML-N rejecting Imran Khan narrative? These audio leaks have confirmed Imran Khan narrative.

Asad also said that if the recording of the conversation of former ministers from the Prime Minister House is being illegally leaked & that recording is publicly available in the market it is a massive security failure.

He said that there should be an investigation as to who recorded it & how it was leaked & whose responsibility it is. Because this is not a problem of PTI & Muslim League it is a problem of national security.

In response to a question he  also said that as Prime Minister Imran Khan never expressed concern that political meetings should be held outside on the lawn instead of sitting inside the Prime Minister House.

Yes if the weather is good & it seems appropriate to sit outside it has:been done so that the meeting is held outside but as Prime Minister he has not shown any fear that he is in danger of the meeting being overheard.

Audio Leaks: What was the impact on Imran Khan popularity and foreign conspiracy narrative?

Is audio leaking a lack of communication between security agencies?

Does the audio leak from Prime Minister House show a lack of coordination between security agencies like ISI & IB?

Former Prime Minister Mr Shahid Khaqan Abbasi while talking to British news said that this is not a problem of coordination but it is a criminal act & especially if this incident happened in the Prime Minister office then it is very serious. is nature.

What is the public opinion?

British spoke to various people in Islamabad to find out if Imran Khan popularity has-been affected after the audio leak related to the American conspiracy. So most said it did not matter.

Primary school student said that this audio leak will not affect Imran Khan because he always speaks the truth & supports the truth.

While another citizen said that this would increase his popularity further.

A female citizen said that she thought this audio was leaked to reduce her popularity. But this will happen temporarily but it will not have any permanent effect on Imran Khan. Maybe for some time  opposition will take advantage of these things but after that they will become popular again.

When asked by the public who makes the recording & who leaks it 1 citizen said Look there are different ways. Your phone can be taped there can be microphones in the rooms.

While a female citizen said They do it by themselves, and no one can do it.

Another citizen said that when the security personnel do not know who is leaking the recording from Prime Minister's House, how can we tell whose work it is?