Writing a book is a difficult task but technology can make it easier Famous American writer Mark Twain never believed that 1 could learn to write a novel.

He used to say that a person who doesn't have natural ability to become a novelist will face great difficulties if he tries to write a novel. He has no clear idea of ​​the story. In fact he has no story at all.

British writer Steven Fry describes Mark Twain differently. He says : Successful writers are those who know how hard it is to write a book.

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According to UNESCO 2.2 million books are published in the world every year. These include both fiction & non fiction books.

For many writers writing a book today is more or less the same as it was in Mark Twain time in nineteenth century. 1st the idea of ​​the book plot characters are written down & then they are expanded & embellished.

But now technology is making life easier for writers.

Data scientist Michael Green came up with the idea of ​​using technology to write a book while writing his book.

Michael Green has developed a digital platform called Lynit to help authors write books

Michael Green says : A complex story of five hundred pages was difficult to manage. When I was editing my book I felt that I had too many plots & characters.

I had documentation of the aspects of life I was creating. I was worried about how I would fit them all into my book. Then I came up with idea of ​​using data science methods for this complex task.

As a result Mr. Green has developed a digital platform called Lynit in which authors can combine various aspects of a book i.e. story characters themes and events into a single story.

This app is still in its early stages & is being tested by various authors. It is absolutely free to use right now. Authors can update various aspects of their book through this app.

Authors can lighten their workload by using Lynit

Mr. Green says that most novelists start writing with an outline of the novel plot & character. He says that Lynit has made it easier for the author to break down the plot & characters of his book.

When a writer comes up with a new idea that they want to incorporate into their work they can use this app to connect the new idea to the main idea.

Even after book is published author can connect with the readers with the help of technology.

If Mark Twain were alive today he would never have recognized that a person could become a novelist with the help of technology

1 way to do this is through social media through which a relationship can be established with fans. In addition writers can connect with their fans through apps from specialist firms such as Hiitide.

Firm website and app allow readers to have a live Q&A session with their favorite author for a small fee. This allows authors whose book is about teaching people something they can also earn money by teaching people what they mean on demand through this app.

Evan Shay owner of the High Tide Company says his courses are workbooks of book.

For example Ryan Holliday in his book The Obstacle is the Way : The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph The Obstacle is Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph says: And from the spirit of grief Greek philosophy of indifference is derived from relativism.

Users not only learn about reciprocity with the High Tide course but if they want to learn about a specific aspect of reciprocity they can also schedule a special session with author Ryan Holliday for that.

Evan Shay says High Tide app can help writers make money

Another California firm Crazy Maple Studio says they can bring life to the book.

Crazy Maple Studios 4 apps Chapters Scream Spotlight & Kiss bring the book sound effects music & characters to life.

E-readers & new technology have changed publishing industry : Joey Jia

Joy Jia founder of the Crazy Maple Studios firm says e-readers and the digital revolution have changed the publishing industry. He's reduced the role of the gatekeeper or the editor but he has not gone too far yet.

According to Joy Jia in a world where potential readers have many options for how they want to spend their time writers will-be seen using technology to maintain their position.

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However experts caution against over reliance on technology.

Crazy Maple Studio can turn books into graphic novels

Melissa Heuman is a writing coach and ghostwriter. Technology can also be a source of distraction if you are too close to social media she says.

Many times five creative minutes make up for hours wasted trying to write. My advice on using technology is to find something that fits your personality & your writing style & then use it.

Melissa Heuman says: Many times writers make the mistake of using everything that something will work which becomes a tool for them to lose their way.

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However according to Michael Green the use of technology will increase when new writers who are interested in technology become more prominent.

I see a new generation of writers looking to technology for guidance. They see technology as a tool that they want to learn & move forward with.