Transgender act Pakistan 2022

Transgender Act 2022: There is a discussion on social media Platforms that by using the Transgender Persons Act in Pakistan a person can write any gender he wants in the papers but is this impression correct about Transgender? The transgender community protested for their rights.

Sajid pseudonym a resident of Rawalpindi PUNJAB is transgender by birth but after the age of 20 he began to question his gender identity. The 30 year old eunuch was registered by his guru transgender leader as female in official records which Sajid changed in official records a few years ago.

Speaking to News Agancy Sajid said: There came a stage in my life when I realized that I was not a woman there was no transgender woman in me & that why I identified myself as a transgender woman. Registered as transgender male.

Mr Reem Sharif who is engaged in the struggle for the rights of transgender people in Pakistan told NEWS Agancy about Sajid case This is a common example of inters-ex in which the gender of a transgender person is wrongly recorded. & later realizes that he is a transgender of the opposite se-x.

He refuted the impression that by using the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act of 2018-2022 a person in Pakistan can write any gender he wants on the papers.

According to Reem: It is not at all because this law is only related to transgenders & only such people can change their gender in official records & as far as transgenders are concerned it is normal.

According to NADRA National Database and Registration Authority records since 2018 around 30,000 transgender people in  country have registered themselves as the opposite gender in official records.

According to the information of NADRA which was placed before the Upper House of the Pakistani Parliament last year more than 15,500 transgender men registered themselves as women while more than 12,000 women belonging to the third gender registered the opposite se-x. has-been registered as

Critics and opponents of the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act, 2018 based on information from NADRA believe that this has become possible due to the coming of this law.

For the past few days there has been a heated debate on the above-mentioned law regarding the rights of transgenders in Pakistan on social media in which people from different sections of the society are participating.

Political party leaders & activists are showing more warmth in the debate on the third gender law than general users of social media.

Ongoing debate on social media started as the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights debated the amendment to the Transgender Rights Act and heard the petition against it in Federal Sharia Court.

Transgender Mr  Nayab Ali who is fighting for the rights of citizens belonging to the third gender rejected the impression that the said law could in any way help the promotion of homosexuality in Pakistan. He said that transgender people cannot get married & if this law does not apply to any citizen other than transgenders then how can same-se-x marriages or homose-xuality be paved.

Ongoing debate on social media started as the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights debated the amendment to the Transgender Rights Act & heard the petition against it in the Federal Sharia Court.

Senator Mr  Mushtaq Ahmad Khan who proposed amendments to the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act believes that this law is completely against Islamic teachings and social values ​​of Pakistan & may facilitate homose-xuality & same se-x marriages. Is.

In the amendment presented in the Senate, he called for the establishment of a medical board on gender reassignment and the recognition of 3rd se-x individuals as intersex only.

Reem Sharif who is transgender herself & has held an important position in the Islamabad Police said that those who object to the 3rd gender rights law need to understand that a transgender person Gender can be determined based on 1 own will & understanding.

He said that the Transgender Rights Act of 2018 has precisely defined the classification of people belonging to the 3rd gender & amending it now will push this vulnerable community back to the problems of the past.

Talking about NADRA data Reem Sharif said that it would be wrong to get the impression from them that men & women are going to register their gender voluntarily.

It is actually transgender persons who go to NADRA for their gender correctness according to their understanding & will & register themselves as appropriate gender according to their physical needs & feelings.

He further said that legally transgender people do not have the right to marry in Pakistan so a transgender man presenting himself as a woman would not have any negative impact on the family system of Pakistan & Neither will homose-xuality or same se-x marriage be promoted.

Transgender rights activist Nayab Ali has opposed the proposed amendments to the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act 2018 -2022 saying that withdrawing the decision 

Transgender act Pakistan 2022 in Urdu PDF and other. jpg Click on Picture and read about Transgender protection act 2018 and 2022 law Urdu language also read Civilrights act .

Transgender act Pakistan 2022 Pakistan in urdu-PDF

In June 2017 Pakistan issued its first passport to a third gender. passport was issued to Farzana Riaz in Peshawar .

On the other hand Qamar Naseem head of Blue Vans said that the transgender rights law is a result of haste & there are many shortcomings that need to be rectified.

In an interview with News Agancy he said that a medical board is necessary to identify transgenders in India while the UK British Parliament has already rejected the law regarding the identification of transgenders without a medical board so there is no transgender. 1 cannot change one gender without medical board papers.

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NADRA Spokesperson Mr Faiq Ali Chachar said that his organization works according to the rules & regulations approved by  Supreme Court regarding transgender persons.

In a conversation with NEWS Agancy he said that the gender of some transgenders is determined by their parents in their childhood & accordingly they register their children in NADRA.

Otherwise NADRA decides whether the transgender person is male or female as per the certificate provided by the transgender guru

Dr. Sana Yasir an expert on the issues of transgender persons also rejected the reservations on the said Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act saying that the law has no possibility of promoting homosexuality or same se-x marriages.

Speaking to News Agancy he said: The truth is that marriage & homemaking are not the problems of transgender people nor do they ever think or plan about them.

He explained that the biggest problem faced by transgenders is their identity after which they wish for things like shelter or housing, medical facilities employment & respectable status in society.

Dr. Sana Yasir further said that there is no law in Pakistan regarding the marriage of transgender people while the law in question does not allow such an act. Then how can anyone think that because of this law those belonging to the same se-x will be able to get a chance to get married.

Dr. Sana Yasir who has-been working on transgender issues for the past five years said that it is natural and in accordance with the philosophy of human rights for transgender people to have the right to express their gender & the said law also ensures the same phenomenon. Is.

Pakistan Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act has also been challenged in the Federal Sharia Court final hearing of which was held in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Court accepted the pleas of former Pakistan People Party Senator Farhatullah Babar transgender rights activist Almas Bobby & Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan to become parties in the case & adjourned the hearing of the case indefinitely.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI  Senator Mohsin Aziz has introduced a new legal bill called the Intersex Protection of Rights Bill in the Upper House of Parliament which has-been sent to the Senate Standing Committee.

Senator Mohsin Aziz proposed law uses the word intersex instead of transgender people which critics of the original law believe does not fully or accurately cover people belonging to an incorrect 3rd gender.

Transgender Law Controversy: What Are the Experts Saying
Transgender Law Controversy: What Are the Experts Saying

What is the law regarding transgender people?

After the enactment of the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act 2018 or Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act 2018 Pakistan became one of  handful of countries in the world where citizens belonging to the 3rd gender are allowed in educational institutions hospitals Rights in workplaces other public places and inheritance are legally protected.

The said law for the first time in Pakistan provides legal recognition to transgender people & lays down measures to protect them from discrimination & harassment while also placing responsibility on local governments for the welfare of this community. does.

Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act allows transgender persons to choose their gender & have that identity recognized in official documents including national identity cards passports & driving licenses in addition to allowing transgender people to enter schools work Prohibits discrimination in placement public modes of transportation and access to medical care.

The law provides for transgender people the right to vote or run for office & to determine their rights to inherit according to their chosen gender &  to allow the government to set aside prisons or detentions reserved for transgender people. Obliges to establish places & protection centers & safe houses.

While defining transgender persons in the law they are divided into three categories: inters-ex heteros-exual & transgender male or female.

What is Transgender Protection Act 2018? 

 Transgender Protection Act empowers transgender people to self identify & change their gender.

All government institutions including NADRA Authority are bound to ensure that whatever identity a transgender wants will be entered on their identity card driving license &  passport etc.

Act recognizes all their rights as Pakistani citizens. They have-been given legal status to get jobs education and access to health facilities while their legal right to inheritance has also been recognized.

Various penalties have-also been proposed for denial of facilities & discrimination against transgenders.

The act defines transgenderism as being of three types: 1st is inters-ex transgenderism which is defined as having the genetic characteristics of both men & women. Have or have congenital anomalies.

In second place are people who are born male but later undergo the process of reassignment. 3rd are people who consider themselves to be different or inconsistent with their gender at birth.

Mr Qamar Naseem works for transgender rights and is among the campaigners for the said law.

He says that inters-ex refers to people who are born deviant. The second number is defined as men who undergo medical modification of their genitals.

He said that in the third place there are people who claim to be non conforming to their birth se-x or gender. Like a born boy claiming to be a girl or a born girl claiming to be a boy.

Law Minister Mr Azam Nazir Tadar has said that transgenders are also human beings they also have basic rights no 1 will be discriminated against on the basis of their gender it was outlined that the transgender law is completely wrong.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad he said that in 2018- 2022 this matter was brought up in the Parliament through a private member. 2 years after the bill was passed in the Parliament some complaints were raised which said that the bill was misused. can

He said that in this matter the opinion of the Chairman Islamic Ideological Council has-been involved in whole process, every law that is passed may have some flaw.

He said that it is the responsibility of the government to give rights to transgenders quota has-been kept in employment for transgenders.

On this occasion PPP People Party leader Mr  Qamar Zaman Kaira said that wrong news has-been spread on social media.

Qamar Zaman also said that the amendment in the transgender law will-be encouraged transgenders cannot be separated from themselves.