The police arrested renowned analyst Ayaz Amir in Sara murder case

Sara Bibi Case :Police arrested senior journalist Ayaz Amir in Sara Inam murder case. 

Islamabad court approved the arrest warrant request of the accused Shahnawaz Amir  father Ayaz Amir & mother in the Sara murder case & arrest warrants of Ayaz Amir and his ex-wife were issued at the request of the police. According to Geo News Islamabad. Shahzad Town  ISLAMABAD Police has arrested Ayaz Amir. The police say that section 109 has been added to the case along with 302 & Ayaz Amir ex-wife will also be investigated.

Sara Inam murder case: I ran to the room but murder had already happened

Mother of Shah Nawaz Ami named accused in the Sara Inam murder case in Islamabad while filing a pre arrest bail application said that she ran towards the room on day of the incident but before her arrival the accused had killed his wife. .

It should be noted that Canadian born Pakistani Sara Inam was killed on September 23 in Chak Shahzad area of ​​Islamabad after which Islamabad police arrested her husband Shah Nawaz Amir while the accused's father Ayaz Amir and her mother Samina were arrested. Had approached the court for Shah arrest.

Apart from handing accused over to the police on 2 day physical remand District and Sessions Court of Islamabad also approved the arrest warrant request of the accused's parents.

Yesterday the court handed over journalist Ayaz Amir to the police on a 1 day physical remand after his arrest.

I ran towards the room but the murder had already taken place.

Samina Shah ex wife of senior journalist Ayaz Amir approached the court for pre arrest bail in the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad on Monday requesting that the name of accused was nominated by  deceased uncle but he was an eyewitness to the murder. They are not & have nothing to do with this incident.

Petition stated that the accused has-been a resident of the farmhouse where the murder took place for many years.

He was of the opinion that his son and the main accused Shah Nawaz Amir informed him about the incident by phone at 9:12 in the morning after the murder & Samina Shah ran towards the room. However by the time they arrived Sara Inam had-been killed.

It has been stated in the application that the mother of the accused asked Shahnawaz Amir to sit in the room till then father Ayaz Amir informed police after which the Islamabad police reached the scene within a few minutes.

Applying for pre arrest bail Samina Shah lawyer told the court that she is also suffering from health problems.

It should be noted that after the incident journalist Ayaz Amir said during a conversation with the media representatives that this is a heartbreaking incident & may God not let this happen to anyone.

He said that he did not want to discuss legal matters & I can only say that such an incident should not happen to anyone & that no one should bear this trauma.

Senior Journalist Ayaz

Formation of Special Investigation Team of Police

Islamabad Police IG has formed a special investigation team headed by SP Rural Hasan Jahangir Vato to investigate the Sara murder case.

A police officer involved in the investigation team told the British news  that late at night the uncle of the deceased Colonel Retd. are

According to police official uncle of the deceased told the police that Shahnawaz & Sara were married 3 months ago in Chakwal & parents of the accused were also present in the wedding.

Earlier when the police arrested Shahnawaz he told the police that he had performed a court marriage with the deceased 3 weeks ago.

Journalist Ayaz Amir son Shahnawaz arrested Killed His Wife Sara BiBi  Urdu language Full details .

 It should be noted that on Friday Shahnawaz Amir son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir killed his wife Sara in Chak Shahzad area of ​​Islamabad. The accused was produced in the court today where he was handed over to the police on 2 day physical remand.