Ticket Price : People's Bus Service in Karachi will start from Monday Provincial Transport Minister.

People bus service will start With Good Ticket Prices. Karachi Quaid from Monday Provincial Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon announced the good news to  people of Karachi.

Provincial minister tweeted that the Bus Service will start its operations in Karachi from Monday.

It should be noted that Sindh government has purchased 140 buses in the 1st phase of People Service.

People Bus Service Karachi Ticket Price

Out of these 130 buses will be operated in Karachi while 10 buses will be operated in Larkana

 Another joke of Sindh government of People Party with the people of Karachi buses running under the name of  Bus Service Red Line bus are small 24-seater buses on 7 different routes of Karachi, while big 34-seater buses are on only one route.

 The buses running from Model Colony to Tower.

 People Red Line Bus which was inaugurated by the chairman of the People Party. Bilal Zardari last month have 34 seats.  While the buses running on the other 7 routes have 24 seats. Due to less number of seats. The people of Karachi are deprived of travel facility. 

Only 2% of the citizens of Karachi are benefiting from the People Buses. On the other hand. Sindh government has also shortened Route 1 of the BRT  People's Bus Service in Karachi.

 Secretary Transport had announced a week ago that the road repair work of Model Colony would be completed in a couple of days but nothing has-been done in this regard yet. No more than 15 buses are being operated on any route. One is a 24 seater minibus and the number of buses has also been reduced.

 It should be noted that at the opening ceremony of the People Bus Service with Good Ticket Price Red Bus  last month.

 Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon told journalists. while talking to said that the same kind of big buses are being run from Model Colony to Tower similar buses will be run on 7 more routes of Karachi. But contrary to his claim small buses with 24 seats are running on different routes for the citizens of Karachi. 

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Through which the Sindh government of Pakistan People Party provides transport facility to the people of Karachi The lack of interest in running can be inferred. Likewise the 2 seats reserved for the elderly, sick and disabled in buses are often occupied by ordinary citizens.