Metro bus Lahore  is a Good Travel Service For Lahore Citizens Metro Bus Running In Lahore ON Deffernt Route with Good Ticket Price and Timing.

Due to the termination of the contract of operating company of the Metro bus service with the Punjab Mass Transit Authority, the strike by the staff & drivers had become normal for the past several months. & after one or two days Metrobus was closed, the service would be restored but last month the drivers went on strike three times since 28 August Metro bus service could not be restored Al Barak completely terminated its contract and left.

Metro Bus Lahore Route Timings and Ticket Price List

Millions of citizens of  provincial capital have-been deprived of the travel facilities of the metro bus service for past ten days, due to the closure of the bus service students, employees ordinary citizens are forced to use expensive alternative means of transportation. 

It is  only means of public transport but only forty to fifty thousand people travel by it every day due to running on a specific track while a large part of the city is deprived of transport facility.

Punjab Mass Transit Authority

Officials of Punjab Mass Transit Authority say that Al Bark's contract with the Mass Transit Authority had expired several months ago but the company contract was being extended to maintain this important travel facility for citizens.

In this regard Chief Operating Officer of Metro Bus new contractor company Vida Meza" Abdul Rehman while talking to "Express said that from yesterday we are starting regular operation with 60 buses, the inspection & certification of the vehicles has-been completed. 160 drivers have-been recruited and trained for buses.

Secretary Transport Punjab Syed Ali Murtaza while talking to Express said that the Department of Transport & Mass Transit Authority. Providing all possible facilities to the new contractor company the company will take over the operation of metro bus service regularly from Wednesday. 

Providing affordable and quality travel facilities to the citizens is a top priority, Metrobus is the major public transport mode in city. 

Red Line Bus Karachi

Therefore it is very important to keep it fully operational the planning of running new buses on several routes in the city has been completed soon new public transport projects are being started in the entire province including Lahore to ensure the provision of best travel facilities to the citizens. Can be made.

Metro bus Lahore Route List:

  • Gujumta Terminal
  •  Dilu Khard Bus Stop
  • Yohanabad Bus Stop
  • Nishtar Colony Bus Stop
  •  Atari Siroha Bus Stop
  •  Where is the bus stop?
  •  Chongi Amar Sidhu Bus Stop
  •  Kainchi Chowk Bus Stop
  • Ghazi Chowk Bus Stop
  • Itfaq Hospital Bus Stop
  •  Nasirabad Bus Stop
  •  Model Town Bus Stop
  •  Kalma Chowk Bus Stop
  • Gaddafi Stadium Bus Stop
  •  Canal Road Bus Stop
  •  Achhra Bus Stop
  • Shama Road Bus Stop
  •  Cordoba Chowk Bus Stop (Mazing Chongi Adda)
  •  Funeral Bus Stop
  • MAO College Bus Stop
  • Civil Secretariat Bus Stop
  •  Kachhari Bus Stop
  • Bus stop at Bhati Chowk
  •  Azadi Chowk Bus Stop
  •  Timber Market Bus Stop
  •  Niyazi Chowk Bus Stop
  •  Shahadara Terminal

Metro bus Lahore Timing :

Bus Operation Hours

6:15 am Morning - 10:00 pm Night


2.25 Minutes to 03:00 Minutes

Last hour 9:00PM to 10:00PM Headway from Gajjumat to Shahadara is 06:00 Minutes

Metro Bus Lahore Ticket Price :

Metro bus  Lahore service in is using a ticket Price of Rs. 30PKR After taped at entry turnstile  traveler must go from  system within 01 hour & 15 minutes