Meta Introducing Community Chats feature in Facebook

This Community Chats Meta Facebook feature will be available to users in the coming weeks Meta introduced a new way for Facebook nearly 3 billion users to connect with each other.

Meta Community Chats  :Introducing feature in Facebook

According to the company a feature called Meta Community Chats Facebook will-be available to users in coming weeks.

With this feature Facebook & Messenger groups will-be able to discuss their favorite topics.

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Apart from the usual text chat community chats will have audio & video channels support while admins will-be able to broadcast their messages to groups while also using some tools to keep the conversation civil.

A feature called Admin Assist will allow them to create a list of words & phrases that will be automatically flagged in community chat.

Admins can also block mute or suspend those who don't follow the community rules.

This new Meta community chat feature is similar to Discord another chat app.

For a community chat experience think of Meta on popular messaging app Discord.

You will-be able to access and participate in them using Meta Facebook Messenger & Facebook Groups feature.

As far as we can tell from the source With Community Chat people can use text voice & video on Facebook & Messenger to have 2 way conversations about issues that matter to them. Messenger & Facebook groups have-been combined in a way that feels natural such as admins can now start a conversation about a topic & comment instantly instead of waiting for people to comment on a post. can receive. can do.

Impressive technology that converts meta text into video

Meta Company Technology has made significant progress in creating video by simply typing with AI technology.

A system called Make A Video can create realistic looking video from just text.

Kind of technology has become quite prominent in recent years but still only images were created from text.

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But Meta  Company has gone a step further and developed an AI system that creates text to videos.

Meta company researchers said that a model that can create images from text is surprisingly effective for creating short videos.

This system is currently not available to general public but interested persons can fill  signups form regarding this feature.

Meta  company  also said that the content produced by this system is watermarked so that the viewers know that the video is not real but produced by AI technology.

Company said that we aim to gradually bring this technology to the general public but we are still testing it.

Experts working on it said that our research aims to prevent production of harmful or misleading content.