New Prime Minister of Great Britain United kingdom Liz Truss who does not like necklaces since childhood

On face of it Liz is not a traditional Tory in many ways.

Liz Truss has become the new Prime Minister of Great Britain UK. He has defeated his rival candidate Rishi Sonik Liz Truss won 57 percent of vote.

At the age of seven Liz Truss played Margaret Thatcher in her school mock general election.

Liz Truss has become  New Prime Minister of Great Britain United Kingdom

But unlike Margaret Thatcher who won an overwhelming majority in 1983 Liz Trust did not prove her success that way.

Recalling the occasion years later Liz Trust said I did not let the opportunity slip & made a great speech at Hastings but I did not get a single vote even I voted for myself. was not given.

Now 29 years later she did not let go of the opportunity to truly follow the Iron Lady & become  leader of Britain UK Conservative Party & Prime Minister.

47 year old foreign secretary outlasted former Chancellor Finance Minister Rishi Sonak in all 5 rounds of voting by ruling Conservative Party MPs.

Liz Truss has strong ties to Conservative Party constituency associations & was loyal to them during darkest days of Boris Johnson's tenure.

Who is Mary Elizabeth Chris ?

On the face of it Liz is not a traditional Tory in many ways. Tory is the general term used in Britain for members of Conservative Party.

Mary Elizabeth Truss was born in 1975 in Oxford. Her father was a maths professor & her mother was a nurse & according to Liz was a supporter of left wing ideologies.

As a young girl her mother participated in marches to campaign for nuclear disarmament.

When Liz Truss was four years old her family moved to Paisley just west of Glasgow.

Speaking to British Radio 4 her brother said their family enjoyed playing board games but Liz Truss hated losing when she was young & would lose if she thought she would. So she used to leave the game.

After some time, Liz family moved to Leeds England. Where he studied in a government school Raund he.

After school Liz Truss attended Oxford University where she studied philosophy politics & economics & became active in politics from her student days initially for the British political party the Liberal Democrats. .

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In 1994 he spoke in favor of  end of the monarchy at a conference organized by  Liberal Democrats in Brighton telling delegates: We Liberal Democrats believe in giving everyone a chance. are We do not believe that some people are born to rule.