United Kingdom: Asia Cup Cricket Dispute: Tension again between Pakistanis & Indians in Leicester police UK called

Leicester UK Police & community leaders have appealed for calm after a large number of Pakistanis and Indians came face to face & shouted racist &  hateful slogans in parts of East Leicester UK are doing

Leicester Online footage showed hundreds of people mostly men taking to the streets on Saturday evening.

This is latest episode in the tense situation that arose after the cricket match between India & Pakistan in the Asia Cricket Cup on August 28 in Leicester UK.

Leicester UK Police called Tension again between Pakistanis and Indians

The police said they were under control of the situation & asked civilians not to get involved.

We have received a number of reports of disorder in parts of  East Leicester area of ​​the city Interim Chief Constable Rob Nixon said in a video.

He said that we have personnel we are controlling the situation, additional personnel are also being sent there. The police have-been assigned powers like dispersing crowds stopping citizens & conducting searches.

Police chief appealed to the citizens to please do not get involved we are taking these steps for peace.

A viral video showed people protesting on Saturday & some of them told the British news that the protests had become the latest source of controversy.

Police say community leaders in East Leicester were at the scene of the protest alongside police officers telling people to remain calm & go home.

What is this conflict & how did it start?

It should be noted that after  cricket match between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cricket Cup in Dubai UAE  5 people were arrested & dozens of citizens were arrested & dozens of citizens were arrested during the investigation under hate crimes after the emergency march & hostile sloganeering in the city of Leicester, United Kingdom. was investigated.

Videos circulating on social media showed scenes of racist & hateful chanting after which the police also started an investigation.

It should be remembered that this was the 1st match of the Asia Cup between Pakistan and India which was won by India after a tough competition.

Police officers were given special powers to stop & search citizens & from Tuesday night until Wednesday morning anyone under the age of 16 was given the power to return home.

Powers applied to the Belgravia Rushmead & Spiny Hill areas of the city. The special powers were given to police in the city after riots in the city following the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan in UAE Dubai last month.

Leicestershire Police  UK said: As part of a proactive policing plancrowd dispersal powers under sections 34 and 35 of the Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 were implemented between 8pm on Tuesday and 6am on Wednesday. were

Police officers were also given powers under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 which allowed officers to stop and search a person in a specified area without reason.

Police confirmed that a total of 131 people were stopped and searched while 18 people were dispersed.

In addition four arrests were made:

A 19year old man from Leicester was arrested on suspicion of possessing a Conducted Energy Device CED.

A 24 year old man from Leicester was arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon.

A 17 year old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

A 25 year old man from Leicester was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

Acting Chief Constable Rob Nixon released a message on the police website & social media explaining the extra police powers.

Regarding the videos circulating on social media he said I am aware that there was a lot of tension in some parts of our city.

He said that the cause of this tension was an incident that happened on August 28 after the cricket match between India & Pakistan. After which there have been two more incidents one on Bridge Road & the other in Cottesmore Road area.

Leicester UK Police called Tension again between Pakistanis and Indians

Leicester UK Police called Tension again between Pakistanis and Indians

Police have not yet released any details of these incidents.

Rob Nixon said that separate investigations into these three incidents are ongoing with full responsibility.

There was also the unfortunate incident of a police officer & a civilian being attacked when a crowd gathered in Leicester after a cricket match between India and Pakistan.

According to officials  police contingent was called after reports of a crowd gathering in the Belgrave area on Sunday. A 28 year old man was arrested after a couple was attacked on the occasion.

Officers began patrolling the Melton Road, Shaftesbury Avenue & Belgrave Road areas following the conclusion of the Asia Cup match Leicestershire Police said after being called out.

After the match police officials said they had been made aware of several videos of racist & hateful chanting' circulating on social media.

Leicester has a large population of people from India and Pakistan

Whenever there is a match between Pakistan & India in another country or within UK United Kingdom there is great excitement among the citizens of both the countries.

In various British cities including London Manchester Birmingham Leicester Bradford and other places where the majority of people belonging to South Asia are settled, tension is often seen on such occasions, but the matter has never progressed to sloganeering.

In a tweet East Leicester Police team said: Enquiries are ongoing to identify those responsible. We are treating this chanting as a hate crime and whoever participated will be dealt with according to the law.

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Police instructed citizens to stay away from the area

Police have instructed the citizens to stay away from the area and said that the police are continuing their operation there.

A resident of Green Lane Road said what she saw on Saturday evening was very disturbing. The whole situation seemed really out of control.