KMC was stopped from collecting taxes by K-Electric :Sindh High Court

Is the provincial government doing favors taking all the taxes Sindh High Court

Sindh High court court restrained KMC from collecting tax through K-Electric

Sindh High Court adjourned hearing for 10 days while restraining KMC from collecting municipal tax through K-Electric.

Sindh High Court heard a plea against collection of KMC KARACHI Municipal Utility Taxes taxes in electricity bills. Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab appeared in  court.

High Court asked that this is the same tax that Electric will receive? Cleaning is not happening in city.

Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi said that why are they receiving in electric bills? If citizens do not pay, their electricity will be cut off. KMC has procedures in place. K-Electric vehicles are being dumped. KMC has its own recovery cell to recover.

KMC Municipal Utility Taxes

Murtaza Wahab told the court that KMC job is to work in city to build a park on which the court said that only K-Electric is left for recovery.

Sindh High Court stopped KMC from collecting municipal tax through K-Electric.

Sindh High Court restrained KMC from collecting municipal tax through K-Electric and remarked that nothing is stopping it from collecting ta but it cannot be done through K-Electric.

Justice Mr Hasan Azhar remarked that roads are broken parks are destroyed there are no street lights & robberies are taking place. If Rs 1 lakh is collected what does Karachi get in return?

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Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi remarked that the provincial government is doing favors taking all taxes &  when it comes to providing facilities it seems to be giving charity.