KMC Tax will also be charged in K-Electric bill Municipal Utility

 K Electric in Karachi will also collect KMC municipal tax from the citizens

Now  Also Electric in Karachi will collect KMC  municipal utility charges taxes from citizens through bills.

Spokesperson K Electric says that company has-been instructed by Sindh government to collect municipal utility charges taxes this instruction is under Section 100 1 of Chapter X of the Local Government Act.

KMC Tax will also be charged in K-Electric bill Municipal Utility

According to the spokesperson K-Electric as an organization is complying with  relevant government orders.

Karachi: LNN NEWS Another bad news has come for the citizens of Karachi due to inflation and additional bills a new KMC tax has-been quietly imposed in the bills of K Electric.

How Many Rupees KMC Tex Per Bill ?

K Electric has sent KMC charges in electricity bills without informing  citizens an agreement has-been reached between K Electric and KMC for tax collection Rs. For units between 200 & 700 a municipal tax of Rs.

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Commercial consumers and industrial consumers will have to pay two hundred rupees as municipal tax per month tax will also be collected for more than 1 house in a house municipal tax will-be collected from 24 lakh consumers in Karachi. If Electric does not deposit the tax in the KMC account for 2 months the contract will be cancelled.

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