Political tensions are at a peak in Toronto ahead of voting for the referendum.

A referendum is going to be held tomorrow in Canada to demand independence from India & a separate homeland for Sikhs.

According to foreign news media, before voting for the referendum political tension has reached its peak in Toronto Canada.

Khalistan Referendum in Canada on creation of a separate country for Sikhs

According to media reports, in view of the political tension, the angry people vandalized a temple on which Indian government has demanded action from Canada.

Referendum in Canada on the creation of a separate country Khalistan for Sikhs in India

Voting for Khalistan referendum also in Italy participation of thousands of Sikhs

Thousands of Sikhs participate in voting for Khalistan Referendum in London

It should be noted that large-scale activities in support of the referendum have already started and prayer events are also being organized for the success of the referendum.

It should be remembered that earlier in various European countries, including Britain, there have been referendums for a separate homeland for Sikhs in which thousands of people participated.