Journalist Ayaz Amir son Shahnawaz arrested Killed His Wife Sara BiBi

Senior journalist Ayaz Amir daughter in law killed son Shahnawaz arrested Islamabad Chak Shahzad (LNN news) A husband brutally killed his wife in  limits of Chak Shahzad police station of federal capital Islamabad.

Islamabad According to Capital police sources name of the murdered woman was Sara Bibi & her age was 37 years.

 Killer Shahnawaz killed his wife Sara by hitting her on head of the gym. According to Islamabad police sources Shahnawaz is the son of Senior journalist Ayaz Amir & lived in Chak Shahzad Farm 46 Islamabad. A heavy Islamabad police force reached  spot.

According to the police spokesperson a man named Shah Nawaz killed his wife Sara at home. Senior police officers and forensic teams are present at the spot. incident is being investigated & whatever facts come out will&be shared.

Islamabad police say that Ayaz Amir son Shahnawaz has-been detained and the body of the deceased Sara Bibi has-been shifted to Pims for post mortem.

A brutal murder of a husband & his wife has taken place in the limits of Chak Shehzad capital police station in Islamabad.

According to Islamabad Capital police after this  murder incident forensic team has taken the accused into custody &  recovered the evidence & murder instrument.

DIG of Police DIG perations Islamabad Mr  Sohail Zafar Chatta has told  NEWS Agancy that this morning at around 9:30 a person informed Islambad police officers on patrol that a house located in Chak Shahzad area. From Some time ago there were very loud noises.

According to DIG on reaching there policemen rang the bell outside the house & knocked on the door. When no 1 came out, the police went inside where the accused was washing the floor and there were traces of blood. Accused 1st tortured the woman in the room and then killed her by hitting the exerciser on the head with a dumbbell & dragged the body into the washroom tub.

According to Sohail Zafar Chatta police arrested the accused from the crime scene. Meanwhile woman body & the killing instrument were in the same place. The accused has also confessed to crime.

Regarding the reason for Killing murder he said Investigation is going on in this regard and whatever facts come out will-be shared."

He also said that since the woman was a Canadian citizen Pakistan Canadian Embassy is being contacted by police. On the other hand efforts are being made to contact their families.

DIG Islamabad Police further said that we are trying to make them plaintiffs. If they do not come for some time a case should be registered in the police department & the state will follow the case.

News Agancy has tried to contact the Canadian Embassy in this regard but no response has-been received so far.

When asked about presence of another person at the house at the time of  incident DIG Operations said that when the police reached there accused was alone at that time but the police are investigating further in this regard.

Islamabad Police Spokesperson Zia Qamar told News Agancy that more details will be revealed after the autopsy of the body. accused is currently in police station while the  Death body has-been taken to the hospital for post mortem.

Journalist Ayaz Amir son Shahnawaz  Killed His Wife Sara BiBi
Shahnawaz killed wife

A man named Bisharat a cook working in the adjacent house told NEWS Agancy that he was going out of  house between 9:30 & 10:00 in the morning when he saw a police presence outside house next door. On asking him it was found that he had to go to Farm House #46 but he didn't tell reason for going there.

He also said that has no knowledge about this incident & he didn't hear any noise from this house.

According to him the people living in this house have never had any contact or visit with the neighboring houses.

Who are alleged killers & victims?

DIG Islamabad Police Operations Islamabad Sohail Zafar Chatta told News Agancy that 37 year old Sarah Bibi was  wife of a man named  Mr Shah Nawaz who has confessed to killing her. According to him Shah Nawaz is the son of senior journalist & former member of National Assembly Ayaz Amir.

Ayaz Ameer said in a conversation with NEWS Agancy outside his son residence that this is an incident that should never happen to anyone. I can't tell you when I got the information about it it's a heart wrenching incident.

When asked about accused being drunk at the time of the murder he replied that these are all legal things. I will not say anything about it just so that no one gets such a shock.

Urdu Journalist Ayaz Amir son Shahnawaz arrested Killed His Wife Sara BiBi

According to police sources  name of the murdered woman was Sara Bibi &  her age was 37 years.

WebDesk: According to the police the alleged killer Shahnawaz killed his wife Sarah bibi by hitting her on the head with a dumbbell in the gym.

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According to Islamabad police sources the alleged killer Shahnawaz Aamir is the son of TV analyst & columnist Ayaz Mir & lived in Chak Shahzad Farm 46.