insaf academy ptcb Punjab government's best initiative for students education free coaching and study online.

Insaf Academy Ptcb is an online learning platform introduced by Government of Punjab. Its main objective is to eliminate the expensive tuition system from the education system. Generally it has-been observed that after school or college students often need tuition & taking advantage of this private tuition academies charge higher fees etc. Insaf Academy is a revolutionary step taken by the Punjab Government to save students from this hassle & provide free access to all necessary educational materials for exam preparation. Easy & simple video lectures, tests exercises etc. prepared by the best teachers of various subjects from across Punjab can be accessed for free.

Insaf Academy PTCB JOIN online learning platform Class 9th 10th 11th 12th

Classes in Insaf Academy

  • 9th class (urdu medium)
  • 9th class (english medium)
  • 10th class (urdu medium)
  • 10th class (english medium)
  • 11th class
  • 12th class

What is Punjab Govt Insaf Academy Portal for Students ?

Department of School Education Punjab is launching online learning platform Insaf Academy on Wednesday which is expected to benefit lakhs of students.

Punjab School Education Department is launching an online learning platform called Insaf Academy for matric & intermediate students on Wednesday September 14 which department hopes will help lakhs of inter & intermediate students. Children will benefit.

According to Sarah Rehman Communication & Public Relations Specialist of School Education Department Insaf Academy will be a huge E-learning platform which will-be available in the form of web portal or mobile app & it will offer free educational courses across the country for both teachers & students. will do

He told LNN NEWS that here all students will have access to syllabus of Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board & this platform will give free access to 100% syllabus of all science subjects for teachers, students and parents.

Why was there a need for a platform ?

According to the Provincial Minister for School Education Murad Ras he had-been working on this project for a long time and it was aimed at providing convenience to the students of classes 9, 10 11 & 12 as students of these classes appear for board exams. And there is a turning point in their life where they decide what they want to do next.

He told LNN NEWS that there was another reason for creating the online learning platform. Often the teachers tell the children that I will come to my academy in the evening & explain there and do not tell anything in the class. We all have experienced this culture at some point or another. Poor parents pay for morning education & evening academy & still they don't even know what the child is doing.

He said that now the parents will also be able to know the academic ability & performance of  children because the child will be studying in front of them.

He said that students can listen to the lecture of their respective subject without any fee on phone, tablet laptop desktop & even on TV. After listening once he will give the test of this lecture there. If he fails the test he can listen to the same lecture again & take the test again. That is child can repeat this lecture and its mock test for practice as many times as they want.

Murad Ras said that if student doesn't understand something, he can write the questions online & he will receive the answers the next day. & he can ask as many times as he wants. This question & answer series can be in both Urdu & English languages.

Insaf Academy PTCB JOIN online learning platform Class 9th 10th 11th 12th

He said that when the E-learning portal is successfully launched live lectures will also be started on it in the next 3 to 4 months. Children will sit at home & listen to this lecture & during this time if a question comes to their mind they can press action of raising their hand there to answer them.

He said that this platform will-be a great facility for those children who cannot come to school during the day to earn money then they will be able to take the exam by simply studying online & paying  board exam fee.

He also  said Education should be possible for every child whether he goes to school or not whether his parents have money or not