Imran Khan return to Assembly subject investigation American Letter

chairman PTI Imran Khan made his return to  Assembly First subject to the investigation of the US  American cipher(Letter)

Islamabad: We had good relations with establishment I do not  know when & how they deteriorated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI  came to the government for the 1st time, so mistakes were made: Former Prime Minister.

PTI Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman & former PM Imran Khan Niazi  has made his return to the Assembly subject to  an Highest investigation into United State American Letter cipher.

In a conversation with journalists Former Prime Minister Imran Khan  also said that the assembly can return if US  American cipher is investigated.

Imran Khan Also  said that we had good relations with  establishment I do not  know when & how it got bad the government needs relations with  establishment more than the opposition how can we have relations while we are in opposition? In Pakistan  establishment is the reality it has all the powers.

 Imran khan said that he wants relations with everyone in the region under national interest.

How diplomatic ciphers were used for their own purposes all found out..!

Former prime ministers Imran Khan also  said that government Pakistan brought the economy to such a point that surgery is needed instead of medicine Finance Minister Miftah Ismail is treating cancer with disparin  government  priority is not the economy but to end its corruption cases.

Imran Khan return to Assembly subject investigation

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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that the current government has closed NAB cases worth 1100 billion rupees Mr Ishaq Dar is ready to return home as soon as the NAB case is over Nawaz Sharif is also preparing to return home after Ishaq Dar.

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Imran Khan said that now the government will not repeat the mistakes of the past Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf  PTI came to the government for the 1st time so mistakes were made they are making comprehensive plans to stabilize economy.