Google mistakenly deposited 250000$ dollars into a person account

Google mistakenly deposited 250,000 dollars into a Person account

Google: Internet search engine Google has deposited two & a half million dollars into  account of a self proclaimed hacker Sam Currie without any reason.

Mr Sam Currie said in a tweet that Google mysteriously deposited $249,999 into his account in August and he did not know why the technology company paid such a huge amount.

In a tweet Mr Sam Currie said that it has-been several weeks since Google deposited the money but the reason is still unknown.

Sam Currie said that if the company wants to keep  money no problem.

The hacker has not  spent the money so far but it's kept in the account so there no problem if Google tries to withdraw it.

During an interview Sam Currie opined that it looks like Google accidentally transferred such a large amount of money into  account & it turned out to be true.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement that due to human error our team recently made a payment to the wrong party. We are working to correct this error.

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An American multinational technology company Google accidentally sent 2 & a half million dollars to an online blogger in August. Apparently the money was sent due to an identity mistake.

Sam Curry who works as a security engineer at Yoga Labs has revealed that technology giant took more than 03 weeks to respond to his question about the money.

Curry said he has participated in bug bounty programs that reward hackers who find vulnerabilities in software but that this work has nothing to do with sending money from Google. 

Its been over three weeks since Google accidentally sent me 249999 & since then I've been contacted via contact software Curry wrote in a tweet along with a screen grab of the payment from Google. I was not told anything.

Is there any way we can communicate? If you do not want a refund that's fine too.

Curry told Independent on Monday that after contacting Google support and tweeting last week company contacted him via email to arrange the money.

He said I went to the local Wells Fargo a multinational financial services company & told them whole thing after which they helped me get money back by accident.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to News Agancy that the issue has-been resolved. According to the spokesperson: Recently our team made a payment to the wrong person due to human error. We are glad that concerned person reported the matter to us early.

A similar case was reported last week where a cryptocurrency exchange was found to have accidentally sent $15 million to a woman in Australia.

Rather than try to repay money Melbourne woman bought a five bedroom house before Crypto Dot realized the mistake. The Supreme Court of Victoria is now hearing the case.

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The spokesperson said that the company is trying to recover the money.

Sam Currie said in this regard that he wants to know how such mistakes are made by Google & what systems are used by the company to prevent such mistakes.