Career: Google announces 15,000 scholarships for Pakistanis with Google Jobs Career Apart from this Google digital training opportunities will also be provided under scholarships Google certificates.

A Google logo is seen on Google Company stand during annual meeting of the global World Economic Forum in Davos on January .World Globally popular search engine Google has introduced Career Certificates to Citizens with aim of providing Pakistanis with adequate learning opportunities to acquire most sought after Google digital skills required for employment.

Google career certificates and announces 15000 scholarships for Pakistanis

Google Certification: In a statement issued in Karachi Google said that as part of its mission to Unlock Pakistan Google Digital Potential this year it is offering 15000 scholarships through its local partners - the Institute of Rural Management IRM & Ignite to create an equitable : It has also reinforced its commitment to enable an inclusive digital economy involving academic institutions industry partners & non profit organizations.

According to a report by Alpha Beta if fully exploited digital technologies could generate an annual economic growth of 9.7 trillion Pakistani rupees US$59.7 billion in Pakistan by 2030.

Pakistan ICT sector has seen remarkable growth over past decade growing at an average annual rate of 30-20%. ICT related exports have recently increased to US$5 billion & the Federal Ministry of Information & Technology believes that the sector "has the potential to become the country largest export industry.

Currently about 4.7 percent of Pakistan workforce is working in ICT sector of which 6% roughly 2 lakh workers are women.

According to the data available on Pakistan leading job portal highest number of vacancies are also found in ICT sector.

Mr Farhan Qureshi Google Regional Director for Bangladesh Pakistan &  Sri Lanka said: Today we are proud to announce Google Career Certificates under  Grow with Google programme. In partnership with the Institute of Rural Management & Ignite we are also offering 15000 scholarships so that learners can earn certificates at no cost. This effort is an expression of Google commitment under which Google wants to play an important role in ensuring development of the country digital ecosystem.

This Google certification program will provide new opportunities and enable developers students teachers job seekers & businesses to grow rapidly. For this partnerships have also-been established in the public and private sectors as we want to develop Pakistan digital industry.

Available on the online education platform Coursera Google Career Certificates Google Certificate Online Program certificates are self paced online programs that allow learners to learn without prior experience or a degree. Enables them to create new employment opportunities in six fields like data analytics, IT support IT automation project management UX design digital marketing & E-commerce.

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Each course is developed by Google in house experts and is designed to equip learners with fundamental skills through hands on training that allows them to progress at their own pace & with It also provides an opportunity to continue your education or employment.

Regarding this Syeda Dr Hasan Rizvi Data Science Trainee at the Institute of Engineering Careers said: Though there may be obstacles and difficulties on the way but if you want to succeed then you have to be persistent. I have now completed my Google Data Analytics certification after diving into the world of data it was a now & ready to learn & grow more.

Muhammad Zulwan wareen Hussain Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Bahria University Lahore PUNJAB Campus says: This certification has had a profound impact on my professional life. Now I am recognized globally & I am now receiving job offers from all over the world. Now the sky is my limit.

In order to provide more Pakistanis with the opportunity to benefit from Google Career Certificates Google will also provide 15000 scholarships to learners to obtain the certificate at no cost. Google will provide these scholarships through IRM &  Ignite.