This offside technology doesn't make offside decisions on its own & the final decision will always rest with referee

If a soccer player is closer to opposing side goal line than the ball when receiving a pass he is  Football off-line Technology & will commit a foul if he participates in the play.

Football: How does the New offside technology work?

Clear offsides can be spotted with the naked eye during play but in highly controversial cases for example where a leg or head is over the line referees can now use a semi automatic device.

12 cameras installed on the roof of stadium record 50 frames per second of 29 key sensor points on players bodies.

Sensors in the ball indicate  exact moment it is played & the exact location where offside is correct.

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The artificial intelligence combines its data & sends an alert to referees if there is an offside case.

Video :

It recreates a 3D animation to help video editors detect the offside line & broadcast them to screens in the stadium.

The off Side technology was 1st tested at the Arab Cup in 2021 & will-be used for this year World Cup in Qatar.

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This Off Side technology doesn't make offside decisions on its own &  final decision will always rest with referee