Florida Worst Disaster in 500 years from storm 17 people died

Storm is now moving toward South Carolina with relatively low intensity with severe structural damage from Florida storm.

At least 17 people died & dozens were injured due to storm & storm in the US state of Florida.

Due to the hurricane affected areas are facing a flood situation in United States US state of Florida due to heavy rains with stormy winds.

According to American media reports 17 people have died & dozens have-been injured in various accidents due to stormy winds & flooding &constructions have also been severely damaged by the storm.

On the situation in state Florida US American President Mr Joe Biden has expressed fear that number of deaths may increase.

Flooding situation in America US state of Florida due to the hurricane

On the other hand State Governor of Florida says that the damage caused by storm has not been-seen in 500 years Fort Myers area has been affected the most and more than 2.5 million citizens in American state are still without electricity. .

US More than 25lakh citizens are still without electricity in state Florida.

United State: A citizen of the affected state Florida says that during storm there was such destruction in area as if an atomic bomb had been dropped here.

According to American US National Hurricane Center after making landfall in State Florida Hurricane Ion has intensified again & storm is now moving northward.

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In the United State of America American state of Florida worst disaster in 500 years from storm 17 people.