Fans gave their mobile phones to Naseem Shah at Ground What did Naseem do with mobile phones given by people?  video went viral

Cricket Stadium: The love of Naseem Shah was awakened in  hearts of cricket fans that they started giving their Many mobile phones to Naseem Shah at the ground.

In the video that went viral on social media, it can be seen that during the match against Sri Lanka, when the young Pacers were talking to the players on the boundary, cricket fans threw their mobile phones at them, which Naseem Shah grabbed and put in his pocket. stay

Fans Gave Their Mobile Phones to Naseem Shah Video Viral

Naseem Shah and Shadab Khan were rested in this match while Usman Qadir and Hasan Ali were replaced in the playing XI.

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Many videos of Naseem Shah are currently going viral on social media and people are eagerly watching his interviews.