Fake news: Fake news of drinking human blood in Holy Family Hospital  Rawalpindi that put a doctor career & mental health at stake

Despite denial of fake news & explanation from authorities my daughter is not coming back to life

Lady doctor who drank human blood at Holy Family Hospital fired was headline that attracted attention of many users on the local media and social media of Pakistan in recent days. But the fact is that it was a fake news which has not only affected the life of a girl but also her entire family mentally.

Fake News of Drinking Human Blood in Rawalpindi Holy Family Hospital

A resident of Rawalpindi Punjab Mohammad Hanif  pseudonym says that he wanted his only child to become a doctor but due to this false news my daughter is in severe pain. He says that denial of this news & the authorities Despite explanations from her daughter is not coming back to life.

Last week some local newspapers and social media accounts shared the news on their platforms without verification that a lady doctor in a hospital in Rawalpindi is used to drinking blood from cannulae inserted into patients.

Muhammad Hanif doctor daughter was doing a house job at Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi when this false news was spread about her.

Hanif explains that the pain suffering & sorrow we are going through cannot be told. Millions of people have-seen & read videos &  posts based on this rumor regarding the daughter but no one has paid much attention to its denial and apology.

According to the administration of Holy Family Hospital inquiry committee established after this fabricated news came to light has called it a rumor and a lie while the person who complained in this regard has never appeared before the inquiry committee.

Complainant saw the lady doctor drinking blood from a distance.

According to Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi spokesperson Dr. Tanveer the hospital administration received a complaint from a relative of a patient that he saw a female doctor from a distance drinking the blood of a patient.

According to Dr. Tanveer it was a very sensitive and serious complaint on which the hospital administration took immediate action & started an inquiry. In addition to seeking answers from said doctor the help of CCTV cameras was also obtained.

Fake News of Drinking Human Blood in Rawalpindi Holy Family Hospital

We were going through process of inquiry when this false news started appearing in the newspapers.

He said that the complainant had given a suspicious statement that he had seen it from a distance at night but he did not appear before the committee & neither did the hospital management see anything like that with the help of CCTV. .

All those working with the doctor & the staff were questioned. A complete medical examination & tests were conducted on the said doctor after which we came to the conclusion that it was a lie with no truth in it.

In an interview given to a YouTuber  victim doctor himself said that when this news came we thought it was too ridiculous to even deny it.

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But it kept spreading & went viral. Perhaps some people in the hospital also cooperated with the journalists & spread this news. It was done to badly defame him.