Eight Students girls allegedly attempted sui-cide students protest in Chandigarh  private university india after an indecent video went viral

Students Protests Chandigarh: A picture of the aftermath of riot at university 8 female students at a private university in Indian city of Chandigarh have allegedly attempted su-icide after a controversial video went viral prompting reports of student protests&  riots on the university campus.

According to British news Correspondent Gurminder Singh Grewal at least eight Female Students allegedly tried to commit suicide late Saturday night at a private university near Chandigarh India famous city causing chaos on the university campus. 

Chandigarh private university after indecent Video Viral sui-cide students protest

However university administration has denied the su-icide attempt of any girl & termed it as rumour.

In a video shared by the students of Chandigarh private university a girl is seen admitting that she had taken videos of fellow girls taking a shower. It is alleged that girl Students made objectionable videos of fellow girls taking a bath & sent them to a boy living in Shimla who made the videos viral.

Spokesperson of Chandigarh university has dismissed the reports of alleged sui-cide of female students & said that these are media rumours.

However police vehicles & ambulances were also seen in the university campus in which some of the girls were taken to the hospital. In another video from Chandigarh university itself some students can be seen in a state of unconsciousness being taken to a local hospital.

According to British news Correspondent Mr Gurminder Singh Grewal the condition of some of the female students who attempted suicide is critical. According to Indian media reports students death is being claimed but the indian police have dismissed it as a rumour.

Matter came to the notice of the police at around 3 pm on Sunday & police are still investigating the matter. However  police has not officially given any official statement in this matter till now.

Mohali SSP Vivek Soni told reporters that so far police have not found any evidence to show that female students attempted su-icide.

He said that some female students were brought to the hospital but medical reports of the doctors so far did not find any evidence of sui-cide attempt. He has appealed to the people not to believe any kind of rumours &  that no 1 has been killed in this matter.

Chandigarh private university after indecent Video Viral sui-cide students protest

Chandigarh private university after indecent Video Viral sui-cide students protest

Punjab Women Development and Social Justice Minister Baljit Kaur termed incident as sad & said that a full investigation will-be conducted into the incident.

He said that he will personally meet the affected students & strict action will-be taken against the accused.

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What is this matter Chandigarh University ?

In an audio message sent to the media by some students of Chandigarh university it can be heard saying that a student of the hostel made a video of other students taking a bath & made it viral.

Earlier it was believed that the video was of four girls but in viral audio a student says that there are many videos of girls in it & no strict action is being taken by university administration.

After this incident videos of students protesting in university campus are also coming out. At 1st university administration tried to resolve the matter itself but seeing the situation going out of control police were called.

According to police sources a case has-been registered against the girl Students who made the MMS viral in Kharab police station. girl is being taken into custody for questioning & her arrest is expected soon.

After the FIR was registered in this case students have become peaceful. The university has locked the gates of the campus and the media is not allowed inside.

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Punjab Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains while tweeting appealed to the students to remain peaceful and said that no one guilty will-be spared. He said that this matter is very sensitive &  related to the honor of mothers & sisters we all need to be vigilant including the media.