Big drop in petrol price and high speed diesel likely to become expensive

Petrol price may drop by Rs 9.62 to Rs 235.98 to Rs 226: sources. 

 Prices of petroleum products in the country are likely to decrease from September 16.

According to sources price of petrol may decrease by Rs 9.62 to Rs 235.98 to Rs 226 while the price of diesel may increase by Rs 3.04 to Rs 250.30 from Rs 247.26.

According to industry sources, the price of diesel has increased by 15% since September 1, i.e. it increased by Rs.6.46 to Rs.133.93 to Rs.140.38 per litre.

Sources have said that there has-been an increase in the exchange rate which has increased from 217.81 to 225.63 rupees while the customs duty on high-speed diesel has increased by 18.74 rupees.