Ayaz Amir daughter in law Sara bibi post mortem Report

Journalist Ayaz Amir daughter in law Sara post mortem Report is complete killer son was not intoxicated claims a private news channel.

Islamabad (LNN NEWS ) The postmortem of his wife Sara who was killed by Senior journalist Ayaz Amir's son Shahnawaz has-been completed. There are injury marks on the head forehead & arms of the deceased.

According to Geo News  Channel the female doctor did a complete examination of Sara Bibi body and various x-rays were also done. The body of the deceased Sarah has-been kept in the cold room of police clinic. Police officials say that the family of the deceased is being contacted in Canada.

Journalist Ayaz Amir son Shahnawaz arrested Killed His Wife Sara BiBi 

 will If no 1 from Sara bibi family becomes a plaintiff, then a case will be registered in the police complaint. It has-been claimed that the killer was normal at the time of the incident he was not in any state of intoxication.

The District and Sessions Court of Islamabad handed over the accused arrested for the murder of his wife in Chak Shahzad area of ​​the federal capital to the police on two-day physical remand and also granted the arrest warrant request of the accused's parents Ayaz Amir and his wife. has done

It should be noted that on Friday Islamabad police arrested the son of senior journalist and former member of the National Assembly Ayaz Amir on the charge of the alleged murder of his wife after which he was presented in the court after case was registered today.

What happened in court Shahnawaz Amir?

Accused Shahnawaz Amir was produced in the court of Judicial Magistrate Mubashir Hasan Chishti &  the judge asked When were you arrested?

Accused Shahnawaz replied that I was arrested on Friday morning.

Islamabad Police investigation officer told the court that the accused killed his wife brutally on which  judge asked accused that you want to say something? Do you know that a 302 case has-been filed against you?

Capital police requested the court to remand the accused for 10 days & said that  accused should be recovered.

Islamabad Police claimed that  accused killed the Pakistani wife of Canadian Sara origin by calling her from abroad to which the lawyer of the accused said that this murder is only to the extent of  accusation.

It was also said on behalf of Capital police that the accused needs to be taken to Lahore for fingerprinting on which the court remarked that this work can be done with the help of NADRA.

The court rejected the request of the police for a ten day physical remand & handed over the accused to police on a 2 day remand.

Arrest warrant request of the parents of the accused Journalist Ayaz Amir & his wife was also approved.

It should be noted that after the incident Ayaz Amir said during a conversation with media representatives that this is a heartbreaking incident & may God not let this happen to anyone.

He  also said that he does not want to discuss legal matters & I can only say that such an incident should not happen to anyone & no 1  should bear this traumatic

Formation of Special Investigation Team of Police

Islamabad Police IG has formed a special investigation team headed by SP Rural Hasan Jahangir Vato to investigate the Sara Bibi murder case.

A police officer involved in the investigation team told the British news that late at night the uncle of  deceased Colonel Retd. are

According to the police official the uncle of the deceased told  police that Shahnawaz Amir & Sara bibi were married three months ago in Chakwal & the parents of the accused were also present in the wedding.

Earlier when the police arrested Shahnawaz Amir he told  police that he had performed a court marriage with the deceased three weeks ago.

How did incident happen ?

According to the police the incident took place between ten &  11 am on Friday.

According to the FIR of this case Samina Shah mother of the accused Shahnawaz Amir informed   Islamabad police about the murder.

Ayaz Amir daughter in law Sara bibi post mortem Report

On receiving  information capital police reached Farm House 46 & the accused locked himself in the room as soon as he saw the police. It is recorded in  FIR that after opening the room accused was controlled.

It also states that when the accused was taken out of  room there were blood marks on his clothes. According to the FIR the accused said that during the fight he hit a dumbbell on his wife head &  hid the dead body in the washroom.

It is also stated in the FIR that accused has also recovered the murder weapon hidden under the sofa a dumbbell, which had blood and hair on it. According to the FIR the accused said that he killed his wife by stabbing him several times with a dumbbell.

Speaking to the British news DIG Operations Islamabad Police Sohail Zafar Chatta confirmed that a tortured body was found in the washroom of the house with injury marks on the head.

He said that the deceased Sara was allegedly tortured with a dumbbell used for peeing and apparently she died due to this torture.

According to reporter Shehzad Malik family sources of the accused say that the deceased was his third wife & they got married in a court in Islamabad just a few weeks ago. The accused has-been divorced from his two wives before.

According to the local police  farmhouse where the incident took place is in the name of the accused mother  journalist Ayaz Amir' ex wife & the accused lived with his mother