Adding Memory & Battery Saving Modes to Google Chrome Browser 

These features are available in Chrome Experimental Setting.s Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world but it uses a lot of computer memory to open websites.

Adding Memory and Battery Saving Modes to Google Chrome

As a result users of Google Chrome Browser often experience slow computers or reduced laptop battery life.

This is the reason why features called memory saver & battery saver have-been added to Google Chrome Browser.

These features in Google Chrome Browser experimental settings aim to protect laptop battery & optimize system memory by making different tabs inactive.

The battery saver mode will work only when your device is running on battery ie this feature will not work on a desktop computer.

When you turn on Memory Saver mode computer will not allocate memory resources to tabs that you will not be using.

Google Chrome version 104.0.5112.79 fixes 27 different security issues 

This will improve the speed of Google Chrome.

To use these features go to chrome://flags search for battery saver & then restart the browser after enabling it.