480,000 Jobs Vacancies in Australia Govmt needs workers from Pakistan India Uk

 Thousands of workers Labours needed: Australia to grant citizenship to more foreigners this year

Government says it needs workers from China India Pakistan & the UK to fill Jobs  vacancies.

It should be noted that Australia has the largest number of immigrants from these countries.There are currently 480,000 job vacancies in Australia but unemployment rate is at its lowest level in half a century. Efforts are being made to fill up the vacant posts.

People associated with also health sector are demanding more other staff

Australia is easing restrictions on permanent residency for immigrants for 1st time in 10 years to address a shortage of workers there.

With removal of this ban the number of 195 people in Australia will increase by 35 thousand in current financial year.

480,000 Jobs Vacancies in Australia Govmt needs workers from Pakistan India Uk

Due to coronavirus & strict border policies in Australia staff shortages have increased in many sectors.

Hospitality healthcare agriculture & skilled trades industries have-been particularly hard hit.

Airports fruit on  trees is spoiling

National Jobs Summit in Canberra this week said a shortage of workers has caused chaos at airports fruit on  trees is spoiling & hospitals are under pressure.

Home Affairs Minister Claire O Neill said that our focus has always been on jobs. But the effects of the Corona epidemic were so great that even if we eliminated every other possibility there would still be a shortfall of several thousand workers at least in short term.

Permanent residency increased to 190,000 per year in mid 2017 before declining in 2010 at a time when the topic of immigration had become a political debate.

But business and unions & political opponents called for more immigrants

We are moving away from a system that is almost entirely focused on how we keep people out to a system that recognizes that we are in a global war for talent Home Affairs Minister said. I am.

An additional 4,700 jobs will now be created for workers in the health sector & another 9,000 people will go to other parts of the country.

Government has also pledged to allocate A$36 million in additional staff to deal with the massive visa backlog.

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Despite the lack of immigration during  Corona epidemic more than a million people have died in Australia since 2016.

For the 1st time Australia census revealed that more than half of the country population was born overseas or had parents from another country.

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