FIFA World Cup: What is this modesty  Hayya card of Qatar which was also approved by Saudi Arabia This Hayya Fan ID?

 Hayya Card :Football World Cup is starting from November 21 this year in Middle East country of Qatar & final is scheduled to be held on 18  December. A total of 64 Football matches will be played during this time.

Qatar has issued a special Hayya card in country under  FIFA World Cup which is also known as HAYYA Card or Fan Card. special thing is that now this Hayya card has also-been approved by Saudi Arabia.

What is this modesty Hayya card Fan Id ?

Hayya Card is also known as Fan ID. This is a type of document issued by Government of Qatar. This document has been released exclusively for the FIFA World Cup. Hayya card is a must to watch any FIFA World Cup match 2022.

To watch match you must have Hayya card & tickets for that match only after that you will-be allowed to enter the stadium to watch the match. The specialty of this card is that once you have taken this card then you do not need to take it again & again. This card will be useful for every match.

What Is Hayya Card FIFA World Cup Fan ID Qatar

Now another important news related to Hayya Card Fan ID has come out.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has launched a multi entry visit visa. This visa is especially good news 4 those who are coming to Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Important announcement from Saudi Arabia

This special visa will be available to all travelers who have taken a Hayya card for 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

According to NEWS reports Qatar has released card for the FIFA World Cup 2022. It is a must for those who will go to watch this World Cup match.

According to reports those who have a Hayya card will-be able to apply for a special visa to Saudi Arabia. With help of this special visa they can stay in Saudi Arabia for 60 days which will start 10 days before start of match.

In this regard a tweet has also-been made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.

Special feature of this visa will-be that anyone who has this special visa can visit Saudi Arabia multiple times during these 60 days.

Answers to some important questions related to Hayya Card

Is Hayya card Fan ID mandatory ?

Yes. This Hayya card is a must for all football fans who want to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches in Qatar.

What are the benefits of having the Hayya card?

This  Hayya card is for entry into the stadium. It is also mandatory to have a ticket for the said match. Along with this fans coming to Qatar from other countries will also be provided public transport facility during Hayya card match.

Is a verified residency required to apply 4 a Hayya card ?

No it is not. You can start the Hayya Card application process even without booking confirmed accommodation.

Is there a deadline for this ?


Qatar was announced to host in 2010

The most controversial World Cup ever

This World Cup held in Doha Qatar is also being called most controversial World Cup ever. How did Qatar get to host this World Cup how were stadium workers treated & is it the right place for the World Cup? Such questions are constantly being raised. The treatment of 30,000 migrant workers associated with project has drawn considerable criticism.

In February 2021 Guardian newspaper reported that since Qatar won its bid for the World Cup 6,500 migrant workers from India Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar. are Labor rights group Fair Square says many of dead were working on World Cup infrastructure projects.

However Qatari government says these figures are overstated as they include thousands of foreigners who have-died after living & working in Qatar for years.

According to the government many of them were not working in construction sector. Qatar says 37 people have died in the construction of World Cup stadiums between 2014 and 2020. 34 of these deaths were not due to work.

Why is the Qatar World Cup being held in winter?

World Cup tournament is usually held in June & July but the average temperature in Qatar during these months of  year is around 41 °C which can reach 50 °C in certain conditions. One cannot imagine playing 90 minutes in such dangerous heat & conditions.

During the bidding process Qatar promised to use advanced air conditioning technology. It is said that this will keep areas like stadiums & training pitches cool by up to 23 degrees Celsius. However in 2015 FIFA decided that tournament will be held in winter.

World Cup starts from November 21 & the final is scheduled to be played on December 18. This means that it will come right in the middle of club football season in many countries which will cause them to face disruption.

For example English Premier League will not play any matches between November 13 & December 26. & to make up for this, the 2022/2023 season will start a week earlier & finish a week later than usual.

Preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar

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What is preparation ?

In this 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup only 32 teams including the host country Qatar will participate in World Cup.

Organizers estimate that around 1.5 million fans will attend  tournament. However country has around 1,75,000 rooms for traveling tourists.

A total of 8 stadiums have-been prepared for this tournament in Qatar. 7 of the 8 are ready from scratch for this tournament while one has been completely rebuilt.

All these stadiums are about an hour drive from each other & are at most 43 miles apart.