Did Imran Khan violate any rule by sitting on the chair of Punjab Chief Minister?

Yesterday PTI Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan came to Lahore for the first time after his ally & PML-Q leader Chaudhry Pervez became the Chief Minister of Punjab & met him. Along with this he also presided over several meetings. Some of whose photos and videos went viral on social media, in which it can be seen that during the meeting he is sitting on the chair of the Chief Minister of Punjab while MR Parvez Elahi and Monis Elahi are sitting on the chair in front of him. Not only this but he also presided over his party meeting in the CM office.

What are Warrants of Presence  Imran Khan violate CM Chair

It should be remembered that after the recent decision of the Supreme Court Punjab Chief Minister candidate Pervez Elahi was asked by PTI to take over the post of Chief Minister. In this regard Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi has already thanked PTI founder Imran Khan Noazi &  his party for being elected as the Chief Minister.

There has-been a lot of reaction from social media users on this whole issue. In which different types of questions have-also been raised by the users such as can Imran Khan sit on the chair of the Chief Minister? Was this their right action or wrong?

Some users are criticizing that when Imran Khan Niazi is not a public office holder in what capacity can he preside over his party meeting in the CM office? Does it not fall under the category of government resources?

What are Warrants of Presence?

Warrant of Presidency or Rules of Presidency are followed not only in Pakistan but also in various other countries of  world. Warrants of the Presidency were 1st introduced in Pakistan in 1963 & these rules have-been implemented ever since.

Warrant of Presidency Pakistan is a protocol list on which every person working for  Government of Pakistan sits on the Nisht according to their position. However no one who is junior in rank can sit in his place as compared to the person holding the senior position.

What are Warrants of Presence  Imran Khan violate CM Chair

Similarly Rules of Presidency determine the order in which work will-be done from top to bottom in any institution or office.

This matter is being criticized by most of the social media users. But there are some people who have come forward to explain this process in defense of Former Pm Imran Khan. While some supporters of PTI are also calling this process wrong.

Zafar Naqvi tweeted from his Twitter account & raised  question that this is the Chief Minister office in what position is Imran Niazi sitting on the Chief Minister chair?

In response to which a social media user wrote that this is a legitimate question instead of defending it the justices should ask the question themselves. If PML-N etc. do such an act tomorrow we will feel bad because it is against the principle.

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Ali Zain tweeted that former Pm Imran Khan always sits in a separate office it is not the chair of the Chief Minister. That office and this office are different