Video :Murderous attack on Salman Rushdie  author of blasphemous book in America

New York USA : An unknown person attacked Salman Rushdie author of  offensive book Stink Verses in New York Video.

WebDesk: USA According to the foreign news agency Associated Salman Rushdie was attacked when he was going to give a lecture in a hall located in West New York United States The video of incident also came to light.

Video :Murderous attack on Salman Rushdie  author of blasphemous book in America

In the video a man stormed Chautauqua Institution stage &  showered punches on Salman Rushdie. Later administrative authorities rescued Salman Rasheed from the assailant.

US : British writer Salman Rushdie was attacked during an event in  USA state of New York

British UK author Salman Rushdie has-been attacked on stage in the US state of New York.

According to  international news agency AFP New York police have-confirmed the knife attack on Salman Rushdie but have not revealed  identity of the attacker.

Salman Rushdie has received threats over the years & in 1989 the Supreme Leader of Country Iran issued a fatwa calling for Salman Rushdie death.

According to preliminary details Salman Rushdie was speaking at an event at Shitoqua Institute when he was attacked.

Eyewitnesses saw that at the same time a man ran towards the stage & punched Salman Rushdie or attacked him with a knife. Immediately after incident people present at the event rushed to stage.

According to him people present there controlled the attacker. Salman Rushdie condition is currently unknown.

The scene of the attack on Salman Rushdie

US New YORK: According to the New York US Police Salman Rushdie suffered a neck injury in attack after which he was taken to a local hospital by helicopter.

Henry Rees who tried to stop attack also suffered a minor head injury. The event was organized by his organization.

According to the New York police attacker was immediately detained.

An artist present at the event told the British news that rehearsals for event had been going on as usual since morning. He said that since the attack the venue of the event has-been locked down.

Author of the controversial book Religion The.... blank (we dont Use and text words on here)

In the year 1988 author Salman Rushdie book criticized Islam and due to this a reward of millions was set on his head.

Riots broke out in the Muslim world due to his novel The (blank words dont write).

At that time Iran religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei issued a fatwa according to which Salman Rushdie was sentenced to death.

No novel or book had ever caused a global diplomatic crisis, nor had a government called for the killing of a citizen of another country.

Salman Rushdie's book is still banned in Pakistan and many other countries and he was forced to live in hiding for almost ten years.

Aleem Maqbool Director of Religion

Although we do not know at this time why the latest attack was carried out Salman Rushdie has been receiving threats since the publication of ....... Blank 30 years ago. He maintained that the main purpose of his novel was to describe the experiences of a refugee but many Muslims had objections to the novel.

Who attack on salman Rushdie Video :Murderous attack on Salman Rushdie  author of blasphemous book in America Attacker

Novel was 1st banned in India where Salman Rushdie was born & several other countries followed suit before a fatwa issued by Iran Ayatollah Khomeini.

Iranian leader fatwa called for the killing of anyone involved in the publication of  book & also announced a reward. So far this fatwa has not been officially withdrawn.

After the uproar over the novel Salman Rushdie apologized to Muslims but disappeared from public view for the next ten years.

Video :Murderous attack on Salman Rushdie  author of blasphemous book in America

Although Salman Rushdie himself was unharmed until now among others connected to the novel  publication Norwegian publisher was shot and wounded in the 1990s while the Japanese translator was also killed.

This is preliminary news which is being updated keep refreshing this page for more details.

New York US  police said that Salman Rushdie had a knife wound to the neck but it was too early to give a satisfactory answer about his condition.

Video :

It should be-noted that Salman Rushdie (Malhon) profane book The Stink Verses has-been banned in Iran since 1988. The late leader of Iran mr Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for Salman Rushdie's death.

There is also a reward of more than 3 million dollars for killer of Salman Rushdie. The Iranian government has long expressed indifference to Ayatollah Khomeini statement-but anti Salman Rushdie sentiments persist.